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Going into sophomore year, how should I prepare for math?

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    The title pretty much explains it, but I am going into my sophomore (10th grade) year and I really want to improve my grades. What are some of the best ways to prepare myself?
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    well. whenever I was a sophomore. I took geometry. so I would understand how to do proofs. and also brush up on some basic geometry and trig. soh cah toa and Pythagorean theory etc....
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    Focus on the math not the grades. Homework isn't a grade generating machine or a torture device. It is an evaluation tool for both you and your professor. If you are confused ask your professor. This will help him/her understand where he/she is losing the class and help you understand the material. Opening a dialog with your professors is incredibly important. It will help your grades and give you valuable life skills.

    When you receive grades back review what you did right and wrong. This is where students I tutor fall behind. It doesn't seem productive to review something you've already been graded on, but math builds on previous knowledge more than almost any other subject. If you don't understand previous material you won't understand future material. Ask your professor questions if you are confused or curious.

    If you struggle with math consider finding a tutor, but always go to your professor first with questions. If you are talented with math consider becoming a peer tutor. Teaching solidifies understanding and helps keep knowledge of previous material fresh. If your school has a peer tutoring program consider taking on a few 9th grade math students.

    Most importantly, have fun!
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