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Going to CS grad school for Algebra or Number theory problems in Discrete Math

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    I am currently a CS undergrad. my university offers no courses in Abstract algebra or Number theory or Topology or Analysis. recently I have got interested in Number theory in Discrete math course. moreover I was and still am interested in algebra too. but the problem is, can I apply to CS grad schools where I can research on Discrete math? of course I'll be working on Algebra (may Category theory or Group theory) or Number theory (whichever I prefer then) related problems in Discrete math there, if I am given opportunity to. again, what if my research is more mathematical than computational? I must mention here that, there is no community college or any uni or college which offer non degree courses in Abstract algebra, Number theory, Topology, Analysis, which would have fulfill my requirement for grad school in math, in my country.
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    will a GRE subject test in Math be useful? somebody please enlighten me.......
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    I'm having trouble understanding what it is you are asking. For instance, I've never come across a university that only offered a discrete math course instead of an abstract algebra class. But then again, I have very limited knowledge of universities outside of the US. So which country are you from?
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    daveyinaz, I'm from Bangladesh. I actually wanted to ask that if it is possible for me to have PhD on Algorithmic Algebra or Computational Number theory without taking courses in Abstract algebra, Analysis and Topology
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