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Gokart Stepper Power Steering Help

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    Hello PF, A friend and I are building a rather cool Gokart with regenerative braking and UltraCapacitors etc...

    Instead of using conventional mechanical steering we plan on using stepper motors for a makeshift power steering system

    My question is I cant figure out the required Torque/Force the motors need in order to turn the wheels at rest. I know that as your speed increases you need less force to steer so if I calculate for rest I can cover everything.

    I know my calculations need to include: Coeffecient of Friction and Normal force, and that torque = radius * force, but I dont know which radius to use.

    The weight of the kart is about 400lbs with the majority at the back with the motors etc..

    Any help would be much appreciated.
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    jack action

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    It is all about the mechanical trail and scrub radius. See http://www.optimumg.com/OptimumGWebSite/Documents/OptimumK%20Help%20File%20v1.1/KPI%20_%20Caster_legacy.htm" [Broken] for more info.
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