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Good books for MatLab tutorial relating to physics?

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    I'm preparing to teach myself to program with Matlab over the summer, and I'd like to know if there are books out there (I found some good general matlab introductory books) geared towards Quantum mechanics. There's a professor i'm trying to work with who works on quantum communications and lots of other stuff who said he'll let me work with him if I can solve quantum mechanical problems with matlab.

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    well, google "computational physics" for starters. Being a computer-related subject, there's plenty of online resources for it.

    I can't promise you'll find something particular to matlab, but you can find algorithms and then use your own programming style to turn those algorithms into code in matlab
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    in matlab there is no syntax well not much...so all you have to do is no the theory. THen when you get the hang of it you can make it faster.

    do a "quick reference matlab" search. You will need to know the numerical side of things. Can't remmeber which algorihtms are needed for teh basics of quantum theory(numerov's comes to mind though)

    and make sure you learn the vector operators

    those that preced with a "." like .* ; ./ ; .+ etc
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