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A tutorial, in education, is a method of transferring knowledge and may be used as a part of a learning process. More interactive and specific than a book or a lecture, a tutorial seeks to teach by example and supply the information to complete a certain task.
A tutorial can be taken in many forms, ranging from a set of instructions to complete a task to an interactive problem solving session (usually in academia).

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  1. brotherbobby

    How to use "quote" here in PF

    I can use the "Reply" option when I copy someone's text and it appears. However, when I choose the "Quote" option upon copying, maybe the text gets copied but nothing appears. Can someone tell me how to use the "Quote" option on here? Many thanks.
  2. T

    Hard MVT theorem proof Tutorial Q7

    The tutorial question I am working on is, (a) Attempt We can use mean value theorem since ##(c: \mathbb{R} \rightarrow \mathbb{R}~countinity ) \implies (c: [-d, d] \rightarrow [c(-d), c(d)]~countinity)## Thus ##c: [-d, d] \rightarrow [c(-d), c(d)] ## is differentiable on ##(-d, d)##, then...
  3. Brief-Wishbone

    How to install PHP 8.x on centos 7?

    https://baransel.dev/post/how-to-install-php8-on-centos/ I've followed tutorials like this w/o avail. Everything works but when at last I do php -v, I see different version of php not 8.x.
  4. binbagsss

    I Using the Chain Rule for Vector Calculus: A Tutorial

    This is probably a stupid question, but I have never realised that there's an order things should be done in the chain rule , so for example ## \nabla(\bf{v}.\bf{v})=2\bf{v} (\nabla\cdot \bf{v}) ## and not ## 2 \bf{v} \cdot \nabla \bf{v} ## Is there an obvious way to see / think of this...
  5. M

    MATLAB Can't get tutorial to work with new data

    Hi PF! I'm going through a backtracking tutorial here. That code runs well for me, and is below: %% LOAD DATA % Read a table of daily adjusted close prices for 2006 DJIA stocks. T = readtable('dowPortfolio.xlsx'); % For readability, use only 15 of the 30 DJI component stocks. assetSymbols =...
  6. shivajikobardan

    Pynative while loop tutorial -- confused

    Summary:: confused in program. Write a while loop to display each character from a string and if a character is a space, then don’t display it and move to the next character. Use the if condition with the continue statement to jump to the next iteration. If the current character is space...
  7. Melon

    Icepak coil-plate tutorial simulation problem

    Hi Guys, I am doing a Maxwell&Icepak simulation according to the Icepak tutorial. But I get different result with the tutorial (seems as upside-down). Could you help raise some advice for this situation? Thanks!
  8. topsquark

    LaTeX Where Can I Learn Advanced LaTeX Codes?

    I thought I'd make a new thread for some snippets of more "advanced" LaTeX codes that are not covered by the basic LaTeX tutorial. For example: \enclose{circle}{x} \enclose{circle}{x} A \overset{u}{=} B A \overset{u}{=} B A \overset{u}{ \rightarrow} B A \overset{u}{ \rightarrow } B A...
  9. LCKurtz

    LaTeX Latex Tutorial: Easily Accessible Resource for Newbies

    Every time I want to point a newbie to the latex tutorial I have to hunt it down myself. It would be really nice if there was a link or an icon right on the reply window to use in the post. Or am I missing something?
  10. nineteen

    What tutorial for Resonance structures?

    Hello everybody, I am stuck with drawing resonance structures for different types of compounds. Do you know any tutorials or any methods to master drawing resonance structures? If yes, please be kind enough to drop some links and statements below. Thank you very much in advance.
  11. topsquark

    MHB Highlighting a Letter with HTML: A Quick Tutorial

    Note: You'll have to quote this to see the code. I don't think the noparse tags are working here. I recently wanted to correct a member's equation and wanted to highlight a change. I decided to change a letter's color to red: T \left ( \left [ \begin{array}{c}x-2y \\ 3x-y \end{array} \right...
  12. S

    Need tutorial for magneto static simulation of C-core (Imag)

    Hello all, I am a new member of this forum, I would like to know where can i find the detailed tutorial of magneto static simulation of C-core. I am in the middle of one project and for further move I need the magneto static simulation of C-core. The image is attached.
  13. G

    Guidance or tutorial of applying pseudo-material method

    Hi, I'm working on a project of coupled simulation involving MCNP and Fluent, and having trouble with how to apply the pseudo-material method in cross section handling. Is there any related material or tutorial? Or, does anyone know the procedure of applying the method and what kind of files the...
  14. sukalp

    C/C++ C++ Stack and Queue Tutorial for Beginners

    is there any tutorial which covers stack and queue in c++. i am not able to understand it is getting difficult for me .
  15. S

    LaTeX Where can I find a simple LaTex tutorial for math software?

    There used to be (and perhaps is) a post that contained a simple LaTex tutorial. Since there is now a "Math Software and LaTex" section, I suggest putting an obvious link to the post in that section or making it a sticky thread there. A sticky with links to video tutorials about LaTex in...
  16. Divya Shyam Singh

    Is there a tutorial series for LMS imagine.lab amesim 14?

    I needed to learn LMS imagine lab 14 software but I cannot find any tutorial video on youtube which explains everything from the scratch. Please help me out..
  17. P

    Chemistry Can you synthesize any chemical just by looking at its equation?

    Hi, I would like to learn chemistry, and I am self taught. I would like to learn chemistry to the point, where if i see a chemical equation, I then know exactly what I need to do to synthesize it, and was wondering if anyone could provide any resources for me to do that. Thank you very much...
  18. P

    Other Which textbooks can help me achieve my goal of mastering all forms of physics?

    Hey Physics Forums! I am a self taught individual, who would like to learn more about physics. My goal in life is to virtually understand every physics principal we know, and become extremely good at all forms of physics. I will be reading physics books over the next 30 years, so that i can...
  19. websterling

    LIGO GW150914 Data Release & Tutorial

    https://losc.ligo.org/events/GW150914/']The[/PLAIN] LIGO Open Science Center has released data from the gravitational wave detection along with a tutorial going through some typical signal processing tasks on strain time-series data associated with it. GW150914 Data Release From the tutorial...
  20. Jorrie

    Insights LightCone7 Tutorial Part III - How Things are Computed - Comments

    Jorrie submitted a new PF Insights post LightCone7 Tutorial Part III - How Things are Computed Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
  21. Jorrie

    Insights LightCone7Combo Tutorial Part II - Charts - Comments

    Jorrie submitted a new PF Insights post LightCone7Combo Tutorial Part II - Charts Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
  22. Jorrie

    Insights LightCone7Combo Tutorial Part I - Comments

    Jorrie submitted a new PF Insights post LightCone7Combo Tutorial Part I Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
  23. B

    SolidWorks worm reducer analysis tutorial needed

    I've calculated my gear ratio to be 1:27 and the most suitable reducer for it would be a worm drive. I couldn't find any descriptive tutorials to do the mesh and perform constructional analysis of the gears on SolidWorks. Can you help me?
  24. M

    Learn Euler's Method for Pendulum Simulation | Excel Tutorial

    This is not part of my homework, but it can make my life much easier. I try to prepare the Excel file as instructed in the link, but I can not find information on how to get the correct value of Theta Dot. http://www.esm.psu.edu/courses/emch12/IntDyn/course-docs/Euler-tutorial/ I'm sorry that...
  25. B

    Learn How to Make a Math Graph with Gnuplot: Step-by-Step Tutorial

    Can someone please show me a tutorial of how to make a math graph such as ##y = x^2## using Gnuplot?
  26. kq6up

    LaTeX Tutorial for Students w/ Posting in LaTeX in HW Helps Forum?

    I have some students that I am willing to tutor for free if they come here first, but I want to provide them with the information that they need to post questions with LaTeX if need be. They are freshman physics students. Are their any Youtube type tutorials for this? I looked, but found...
  27. E

    C# C# tutorial for beginning programmer

    does anyone know a good c# tutorial for some one with only knowledge in css and html
  28. collinsmark

    Kerbal Space Program Tutorial Series - Open Access to 1.7

    "How hard can rocket science be anyway?" Kerbal Space Program is a sandbox type computer game that leans heavily on concepts of physics (don't let that scare you though, you don't need a calculator nor a book of equations to play it. It's ultimately very intuitive). Given the physics nature of...
  29. Mogarrr

    Why doesn't the makeSix function change the value of the variable?

    I'm reading the online tutorial "How to Think Like a Computer Scientist", which is a Python tutorial. There is an exercise, which I'm trying to figure out. What happens if you call a function and you don't do anything with the result (i.e., you don't assign it to a variable or use it as part of...
  30. Shackleford

    A 3-semester hour Master’s tutorial (M.A. Math)

    I've emailed the M.A. Math program director about this, but I'm just wondering what exactly this entails - generally speaking of course. Is it like a mini-thesis? Or is it more akin to a research paper? How would I select a topic? Fortunately, I know that my interests are in set theory and analysis.
  31. T

    Need Tutorial on Switchgear panels

    I really need proper guidance to design LV and MV Switchgear panels. I need to learn all about the relative topics. Can someone please help me? Right now I'm working in power distribution equipment manufacturer company. They already have manufactured Switchgears,circuit breakers and...
  32. S

    Tutorial In Introductory Physics: charge

    link to problem: http://www.csu.edu/chemistryandphysics/msabella/ccli/UpdatedLabs/physics2-calc/HW%20packet.pdf I don't under part two of question two on the assignment with the Case C and D. my gut instinct tells me that they are equal, but I do not have justifacation and when I look back...
  33. A

    MHB Find nth Derivative - Quick Tutorial

    Find nth derivative: Please view attachment!
  34. Alelin

    MHB EMF in Electric Guitars: Tutorial & Formulae

    Hi there i need a tutorial of how EMF works in an electric guitar and also which formulae is more suitable for solving EMF in the electric guitar thank u
  35. jeffer vitola

    MHB Simple L-R Circuit Tutorial

    hello ... I'll put some solution, as I do not drive the latex language, then I take pictures of the leaves with my solutions ... the user who wants to give more solutions is well received and is welcome ... https://www.physicsforums.com/attachments/1069
  36. marcus

    Intergalactic message exercises (for LightCone tutorial)

    There's a tutorial wiki for Jorrie's calculator. It needs exercises that beginning learners can do to help them get used to using the calculator. IF YOU HAVE SOME IDEAS, feel free to make up exercises and propose them. Anybody can suggest material for a textbook. He might not like what you...
  37. mathbalarka

    MHB Tutorial on 3 Common Primality Tests

    Here are three $n-1$ primality test I would like to describe in this thread. The first one works for the 60% of the cases, the second is usually used when the first fails and the third if first and second both fails. Pocklington's Test Suppose q divides n - 1 and q > \sqrt{n}-1. If there...
  38. L

    Request for tutorial on funtional derivatives

    Would anyone here know where I could find some kind of tutorial that goes step by step of how to evaluate functional derivatives? I'm looking over my notes, trying to make sense of this functional derivatives stuff the teacher did in class, and it makes no sense at all. I'm not even in the realm...
  39. S

    Training a Neural Network: Step-by-Step Tutorial

    Homework Statement I am trying to train a neural network using the following training set: (4,6) (9,10) (1,2) (6,2) So, if I enter input 4, it should give me 6. If I enter 9, output should be 10. If I enter 3.5, it should approximate an output based on the training examples...
  40. M

    Calculating Acceleration with Varying Mass: Tutorial & Exercises

    hi, I want to calculate how is acceleration changing if I have changing mass, but constant trust i.e. : T = m*a a = T / m (I know it has to be calculus). Then again I also wan't to be able to calculate displacement and velocities etc.. Trying to find somewhere on the internet a...
  41. L

    Fortran Fortran tutorial for someone with no prior programming experience?

    Hi there, As the title suggests, I am looking to start learning my first programming language. I am a mature student (24) who has recently returned to school to pursue physics. A friend of mine who does physics suggested that I learn Fortran (90/95) as my first language. I am looking online...
  42. MarkFL

    MHB Proof and tutorial on conic sections

    Conic sections are the curves that are formed when a plane intersects the surface of a right circular cone. These curves are the circle, ellipse, hyperbola, and the parabola. The study of conic sections dates back over 2000 years to ancient Greece. Apollonius of Perga (262-190 B.C.) wrote an...
  43. Chris L T521

    MHB DE Tutorial Update: Status, Plans, and Opportunities for Involvement

    Hi All, I've been pretty busy with things this past year and even though I started working on the DE tutorial, I never really found the time to continue working on it. However, this next year looks promising in the fact that I'll have fewer classes to take, implying that I'll have more time to...
  44. T

    Math tutorial topic selection

    Hi all, I'm planning on doing a one-on-one tutorial my math department next semester. However, I don't know what topic I want to study, so I'm looking for some suggestions. Note that I'm interested in high energy physics (string theory, etc.) and theoretical condensed matter. I will be...
  45. G

    C/C++ Where Can I Find a Good Tutorial for Vectors in C++?

    Hi, I'm programming the orbit of planets using a verlet algorithm, and while i feel comfortable i could implement the program, i would like to get some more practice with vectors so I can really learn how they work in C++. If anyone knows of a good tutorial for vectors (applied to physics would...
  46. R

    Building a Linear Motor: A DIY Tutorial

    I want to make a linear motor with some friends, just to see can we make it and how it works. Is there any tutorial or some guidance. i was thinking about a induction motor, but am not quite sure how to put the coils on the stator.
  47. P

    MHB Maybe add this to the Integral Calculus tutorial....

    Reading the Integral Calculus tutorial, I felt like contributing. Do with it what you wish... Proposition: You can evaluate areas exactly using Integrals. Knowing that an integral is an antiderivative, and that derivatives are RATES, it seems odd that going in reverse would give geometric...
  48. Ackbach

    MHB Integral Calculus Tutorial

    1. Prerequisites In order to study integral calculus, you must have a firm grasp of differential calculus. You can go to http://mathhelpboards.com/calculus-10/differential-calculus-tutorial-1393.html for my differential calculus tutorial, although, of course, there are many books and other...
  49. Chris L T521

    MHB DE Tutorial - Chapter 1: The Basics of Ordinary Differential Equations

    Hello everybody! This is the first post for the differential equations tutorial. Unlike the one on MHF, I've decided to take this project a little more seriously and have taken on the task of making a book based on these posts (well, it's really the other way around - the posts will be the...
  50. Ackbach

    MHB Differential Calculus Tutorial

    1. Prerequisites Before you study calculus, it is important that you have a mastery of the concepts that come before it. I found calculus difficult to master (I basically had to take Differential and Integral Calculus three times in a row!), and I think many students also find it challenging -...