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Homework Help: Good Ol' Seagulls and Clams - Creating an equation based on data

  1. Dec 5, 2009 #1
    So pretty much, I was given data (see below) about seagulls dropping clams and the number of drops required to break the clam.

    Height of drops (x)/number of drops (y)
    1.7 / 42
    2 / 21
    2.9 / 10.3
    4.1 / 6.8
    5.6 /5.1
    6.3 / 4.8
    7 /4.4
    8 /4.1
    10 /3.7
    13.9 /3.2

    So for the last six points I created the equation y= 1/ (0.045x) +1 which showed there was a horizontal asymptote of 1 (because you can't have less than one drop), a vertical asymptote of 0 (because you can't drop the clam from a distance from less than zero), and no x-intercepts. I'm trying to create a piece wise function, but I'm having trouble getting the first point to relate to the other points in an equation.
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    What problem exactly are you trying to solve?
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