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A Good slides or summaries for Field theory, Lie algebra, etc.

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    I am a diploma student at HEP section. I am going to have an interview for PhD within a week. I've finished the course and learned a lot about Lie algebra, quantum field theory, general relativity, standard model, etc. How can I review everything as soon as possible? For example, Mark Thomson's handouts "Modern Particle Physics" (http://www.hep.phy.cam.ac.uk/~thomson/lectures/lectures.html) is really helpful for me to summarize Particle Physics & QED. But how about general relativity and Lie algebra, quantum field theory, etc? Are there any good slides or very short summaries for these subjects, like Thomson's handouts or reorganizing style from top to down? Thank you.

    P.S. : And my QED & QFT courses mainly and closely followed Peskin & Schroeder from the beginning to the non-abellian theory. And Cahn's "Semisimple Lie algebra and its applications" and H. Georgia's book for Lie Algebra course, Wald's book & Carroll's book for general relativity, and Professors' ownstyle lecture notes for standard model and particle physics. Especially I hope a material to summarize the standard model from top to down.
    When I prepared GR exam, I refreshed myself using this handwritten lecture notes in https://inside.mines.edu/~aflourno/GR/418.shtml
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    A PhD about what?
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    This is some kind of master course and I applied for PhD course in theoretical particle physics . If I fail in this interview, then I have to apply to the other university.
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