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Good software for writing chemistry (chemical equations)

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    Hi, what's a good program/software for writing chemical equations, redox reactions etc. I find Office Word to be a bit slow for that (or perhaps it's my who is slow at using it :P ), And I'm having a difficult time compiling oxidation numbers on top of the elements.

    Any chemistry friendly program for writing chemistry?
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    You mean formatting the reactions, like

    12Na2SiO3.5H2O + 12NaAlO2 -> Na12(AlO2)12(SiO2)12.27H2O + 24NaOH + 21H2O


    [tex]\textrm{Cr}_{2}\textrm{O}_{7}^{2-}+6\textrm{Fe}^{2+}+14\textrm{H}^{+}\rightarrow 2\textrm{Cr}^{3+}+6\textrm{Fe}^{3+}+7\textrm{H}_{2}\textrm{O}[/tex]

    These were exported from my stoichiometry calculator and simply pasted into this post, but I am not sure that's what you are looking for. Besides, it doesn't deal with oxidation numbers (but it automatically balances reactions for you).
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