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Good theory in number theory for deep understanding

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    Does anybody of a good book in number theory for deep understanding of concepts like kiselev in geometry and apostol in calculus ? I have 'introduction to theory of numbers' by I. Niven and H. S. Zuckerman but I feel it is not suitable for my purpose , there is no description of 'why we did this' in the book and in examples too the book does not encourage the reader to solve the problem on his/her own.
    All I mean by above is that although the questions' quality is good in the book but theory is not and I need a good theory book.
    So, if you know any book that can meet my purpose, share it here.
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    Apostol's Number Theory book is a masterpiece ..
    The follow-up on Modular forms and Dirichlet series .. is also a masterpiece.
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    Well there's the classic text by Ireland and Rosen, I think this book alongside Davenport's Multiplicative Number theory is a good start in theory respect.
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