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Google self-driving car on city streets

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    Fun watching this project develop. Maybe by 2020 this can be a reality?

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    They should show how the thing functions is adverse conditions, or does it just shut down and leave one stranded when it can't cope ( if it can't ). Weather conditions and stop and go traffic are two difficult scenarios I can think of where a driverless car would take some of the stress out of driving.

    They could, if they haven't thought of it already, just put a girl like that in the video in each car and it would be ready to go on production TODAY. Ha ha.
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    The indecisive bicyclist is a good test. The real test will be the poor driving skills of other drivers. I wonder how it handles these driving situations?

    Other drivers texting or talking on the phone resulting in inconsistent speeds and weaving - sometimes to the point of swerving directly at other cars.

    Cars running red lights or stop signs.

    Extreme road conditions like black ice, flooded roads, or washed out roads.

    Animals running into the road. I really wonder about this one. If the car doesn't have time to stop, will it drive off the road and hit a tree? What if there are animals and pedesterians in the area at the same time. Where will it decide to go?

    Since they're testing in California, I guess they've taken this into account already.

    http://colorlines.com/assets_c/2011/02/streetsigns-border_crossers_sandiego-thumb-250x167-2367.jpg [Broken]

    Once they have all those figured out, they should test the cars in Russia.

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    Being that this is Google...will the car take you on the route it sees as best based on passing the billboards that people are willing to pay the most to have seen? :uhh:
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    No, but billboard prices will depend on the number of cars passing by and their relevance for the target group ;).
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