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Grad school apps: attaching proof of scholarships/awards?

  1. Nov 4, 2013 #1
    When applying to grad programs in the US, is it be a good idea to attach documented proof of having received scholarships/financial awards if they were on both sustained academic performance and need-based grounds? In my country, the grants I got throughout my undergrad are kind of a big deal, and I always got some official certification stating the concession, amount, and components of the grant. For now I've just been stating them in my CV, since in my country the names of students who receive any kind of public grant/award can be looked up at gov't webpages if someone felt so inclined, it is completely open to the public. But I'm not sure adcoms are going to look search through foreign government sites themselves, especially if they don't speak the language.

    Would it be helpful to attach the documents to my CV? The documents are not in English so they would require an official translation (as I've already done for my prior degree+transcripts). Is this more trouble than it's worth?
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    Do the awards appear on your transcript? If so, you are done.

    I think what you have done is fine; just make sure that you have copies of the documentation if requested.
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    No, they don't appear on the transcript.
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    In that case, I would suggest attaching proof for some of the major awards. Then, make sure you have documentation ready if they request proof for some of the more minor awards.
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