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Graduate Fellowship? (financial aid/loan question)

  1. Jul 16, 2013 #1
    Not sure if this is the right place for this question but this seems the best place to me.

    So after I graduate (with a Bachelor's degree) my loans require repayment after a 6 month grace period. One option I have with that is to defer the loans (make it so I don't have to pay back right away) and one of the satisfactory requirements for defering a loan is to be in a Graduate Fellowship Program. My question is: is this the same as being a graduate student? Is this something that you have while being a graduate student?

    Through all this I'm just wondering if I can take a year off, get a job just to take a break from school. My grace period will end during this time. I'm wondering if I start graduate school that the loans will be deferred again or if I'll still be required to pay them back while in graduate school. Typing this all out makes me realize this is probably best answered by the financial aid office at my school but it can't hurt to ask you guys.
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    A "fellowship" is a kind of scholarship so, yes, being a "Graduate Fellow" (having a graduate fellowship) is being a graduate student. But not all graduate students have fellowships- some are "graduate assistants", being paid for assisting professors with their classes and/or teaching some freshman courses- some are on loans (frankly if you already have loans you need to pay back from undergrad (as I did) I would avoid those like the plague!).

    When I went to graduate school at University of Florida, I had a fellowship but was told that I would have to teach one PreCalculus class a year- because making teaching a requirement, the students who did have assistantships would not have to declare their stipends as income on their taxes- besides it was good training. BALONEY!

    After two years my fellowship ran out and I finished my degree on assistantships. Many years later I saw a person wearing a sweatshirt that said "University of Florida Graduate Assistantships- It's not just a job- its an indenture!"
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