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Graduate plasma physics program in Princeton and Univ of Michiganadvice needed

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    I am looking forward to apply for Plasma Physics program in PPPL(Princeton) and Univ of Michigan. But I am not sure about what sort of recommendation letters I should send. I have one strong recomendation from my undergrad project supervisor(the project is plasma diagnostics in Hall Effect Thrusters). Apart from this i can have two other faculty recommendations whose courses I have attended and secured A grades. Now should i go with these 3 or should I do some more work and get more of work related recommendation.
    In general what kind of recommendations do other applicants have while applying for courses at these places.I will be really glad if forum members could help me out..
    Suggestions for similar courses in other universities are totally welcome.

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    Re: Graduate plasma physics program in Princeton and Univ of Michigan..advice needed.

    Although I'm not familiar with either of those programs, in general, what you have is par for the course. Ideally there should be at least one letter from a professor who has worked with the student on some kind of project - a senior thesis, senior lab, reading course, or reasearch project. Obviously, it's great if you can have all three being glowing recommendations from people who've known you in that context, but I don't think it's needed.

    I think you're in a better position to do a good job on the project you're working on and get the best reference you can, rather than trying to do to much and have the reference letters contain statements like 'a good student but didn't accomplish much on my project.'
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