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Princeton University is a private Ivy League research university in Princeton, New Jersey. Founded in 1746 in Elizabeth as the College of New Jersey, Princeton is the fourth-oldest institution of higher education in the United States and one of the nine colonial colleges chartered before the American Revolution. The institution moved to Newark in 1747, and then to the current site nine years later. It was renamed Princeton University in 1896.
Princeton provides undergraduate and graduate instruction in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and engineering. It offers professional degrees through the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs, the School of Engineering and Applied Science, the School of Architecture and the Bendheim Center for Finance. The university also manages the Department of Energy's Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory. Princeton has the largest endowment per student in the United States.
As of May 2021, 69 Nobel laureates, 16 Fields Medalists and 16 Turing Award laureates have been affiliated with Princeton University as alumni, faculty members, or researchers. In addition, Princeton has been associated with 21 National Medal of Science winners, 5 Abel Prize winners, 11 National Humanities Medal recipients, 215 Rhodes Scholars and 137 Marshall Scholars. Two U.S. Presidents, twelve U.S. Supreme Court Justices (three of whom currently serve on the court) and numerous living billionaires and foreign heads of state are all counted among Princeton's alumni body. Princeton has also graduated many members of the U.S. Congress and the U.S. Cabinet, including eight Secretaries of State, three Secretaries of Defense and two Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

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  1. MidgetDwarf

    Classical Princeton press 30% till July 31,2022

    Just received a nice pamphlet in the mail from Princeton Press. Anyhow, it's 30% off all titles with a discount code. Do not have the discount code on hand, at the moment. Maybe a good time to add more books to our libraries :)
  2. V

    How to get into Harvard, MIT or Princeton from India?

    Hi everyone, I am a 10th grader studying in India. I want to know what it will take to get into universities like Harvard, MIT, etc. I have been getting 10 CGPA from class 6th to 9th,and i hope to score well in my boards. I am also a 5th grade pianist(Trinity) and I hope to complete upto 7...
  3. T

    Schools Princeton vs. UChicago Biophysics Undergrad

    I'm currently a high school junior, and I'm highly interested in studying biophysics in college, my eventual goal being to get a Ph.D. in it. Out of all the colleges I've visited, Princeton and the University of Chicago have been my favorite. Which of these schools would allow me the best...
  4. G

    Superluminal speeds -- Princeton study year 2000

    I read an article with this with great interest but also puzzlement. It talked about sending a pulse of light through a section of laser excited Caesium atoms (6cm I think) if traveling at vacuum speeds the pulse should have taken 0.2ns but actually arrived 62ns before it would have done...
  5. A

    Schools Entrance in Princeton University for Post doct. in cosmology

    after having an integrated m.sc and p.hd from any institute of India qualified through JEST exam ,what i have to do to have an entrance in Princeton university for post doctorate in Cosmology?
  6. T

    Analysis Answers to questions from the book: Real Analysis by Stein

    Hi I am trying to teach myself Measure Theory and I am using the book: Real Analysis by Stein and Skakarchi from Princeton. I want to check if my answers to the questions are correct, so I am asking: Does anyone have the answers to the questions in chapter 1 ?
  7. P

    CMB at 50: Princeton early universe panel discussion

    An interesting discussion at this conference here: http://physics.princeton.edu/cmb50/videos/20150612_session6_2.mp4 David Spergel said the next project should be to look for something called f and L or is is FNL? Can someone explain what this is and what its significance is? What did you guys...
  8. C

    (Physics Ph.D.) Berkeley or Princeton.

    I am now facing a dilemma of making a choice between Berkeley and Princeton. My intended research field is condensed matter experiment, especially topological materials and 2D materials. Both graduate schools have the suitable group for my research of interests. Also, I know both of them have...
  9. Ravi Mohan

    Schools GPA issue for US graduate school

    Hi, I will be applying to US graduate schools this year (this would be my second attempt). I graduated from an Indian institute, not very well known for physics, and my CGPA (Cumulative Grading Point Average) is 7.991. Using http://www.foreigncredits.com/Resources/GPA-Calculator/India, I found...
  10. jim mcnamara

    Majorana Particle Discovery: Princeton Researchers Report Direct Observation

    http://thewestsidestory.net/2014/10/05/18346/obscure-majorna-particle-discovered-encompasses-matter-antimatter/ [Broken] Reports the direct observation of Majorana particles, by Princeton researchers. Is there anything substantive to this? - or is it just a Science writer getting it wrong?
  11. B

    Schools Senior Year Student -- What US universities are good for physics?

    Hello, I've been wondering about universities in the US. So what are relatively good universities in physics with a low tuition and good financial aid for international students? (Good universities in physics as in those that come in second or third after the "famous and prestigious"...
  12. C

    UK student wanting to do PhD in the US

    So first I will lay out my background, I am about to start QFFF (Masters) at Imperial College in the UK, I graduated from my undergraduate degree with a strong first class honours which I believe is a 4.0 GPA in the US (top 10% of my class) and first class project (from which I will be getting...
  13. N

    (E&M) Don't understand why terminals of battery are switched

    In the Princeton Review Cracking the AP Physics C Exam 2011 Edition book on example 11.9's solution, one of the batteries' terminals are swapped (the battery with 10V). I am not sure why the author's do this considering the current is drawn the same. Later on in the solution, they recognize...
  14. marcus

    Landmark talk by Steinhardt (28 minute video online)

    Seriously excellent talk given Monday 23 June at the Princeton Strings 2014 conference by Paul Steinhardt: http://physics.princeton.edu/strings2014/videos/talk1h.mp4 [Broken] You may have to pause it and wait for buffering. I found that after the video had played through I could drag the...
  15. Entanglement

    Schools Are the top universities just names?

    Are Oxford, Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Columbia, Pennsylvania, Cornell, Yale universities just names ?? Certainly the most successful people graduate from these universities, is this because they somehow attract only the bright students, or is it because the quality of education and teaching...
  16. C

    How competitive is cosmology at the PhD level?

    I am a masters student at some Canadian school best known for astrophysics (and one of the premier schools in the world for white dwarves), dreaming to get into the likes of UPenn (a reach, but not a pipe dream-level reach à la Harvard and Princeton, which some over-ambitious recommender advised...
  17. H

    Schools Is a Degree in Engineering Physics Viable for Graduate School?

    I am a rising Senior in high school, and planning to major in Physics, with the intent of pursuing a Doctorate in Physics. Recently I received a "golden application" to the Colorado School of Mines (http://www.mines.edu/)... a school that I was not previously familiar with. Apparently this...
  18. E

    Schools Getting into a university

    Hello everyone! So I am from India and my name is Sarthak. I am giving SAT this June and my approximate score will be near about 2150, or that's what I am expecting at least; that or more. Apart from that I scored 95% in my 10th class and am among the top 10 students in my class. I have also...
  19. S

    Schools Admission to graduate schools like MIT,Princeton(for physics,maths)

    Hi, I am an Indian student currently pursuing a Bachelor in Technology in the field Food Technology. However,I have been wanting to study more of physics,maths and computer science in graduate school. I never had great scores in my high school examinations,not because I feel I didn't have the...
  20. A

    Programs Thinking about majoring in physics; practical advice?

    I'm entering Princeton this coming fall as an undergrad, and I've given serious thought to majoring in physics. Math was my favorite subject, but then I took AP physics and found an unrivaled love for it. I think I either want to conduct research as an experimental physicist or teach at a...
  21. N

    Any recommendtions for self-studying physics?

    I'm currently finishing my grade 11 year of high school and I have hopes of attending one of the prestigious schools in the US such as MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, etc. I would love to be able to study physics in university and, since my school's physics courses are lacking any significant...
  22. B

    Plasma Physics PhD in the US vs UK

    I'm a Physics student in the UK planning to apply for a PhD in Plasma Physics this autumn, in the area of Magnetic Confinement Fusion (MCF) specifically. The UK has a rather limited MCF university network, with only 3 universities playing a significant part. Two of these, Oxford and Imperial...
  23. A

    Schools My chances of making it into university?

    So I'm not too sure of my chances of getting into the following universities: - Princeton - Caltech - MIT - Polytechnic Institute of New York - Harvard (I know its very unlikey) Now my last year of high school will be 2017, yes I am still in grade 9. Recently I've been doing the math & I...
  24. P

    Programs (Theoretical) Particle Astrophyiscs? (Degree?)

    Hello, forum. So, I'm going to be starting my first year at the University of British Columbia next year and, although I might be seriously ahead of myself, I am very much stressing over what degree and courses I am going to be taking for the next four years. Being at the education level at...
  25. M

    Physics How you become a theoretical physicist

    Hi, I would like to ask HOW you become a theoretical physicist. By how, I mean what classes are needed? What is college like for one studying to become a theoretical physicist?I would like to specialize in Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. Of course this all depends on what college you attend...
  26. Hercuflea

    MIT vs Princeton vs Wisconsin vs UCLA for plasma phys.

    Which has the best program/research in plasma physics? I would have said Wisconsin but Alcator CMOD got its funding back this year so maybe MIT? I am talking about either the engineering or physics departments, doesn't matter.
  27. T

    A list of Physicist and their contributions

    Below is a list of physicist I compiled, and there achievements. I have sources if you want them. Do tell me if there is any more I should add or anything I should add to their bios, thanks in advance.θ Richard Feynman (1918-1988) Developing Path Integral Formalism of Quantum Field...
  28. T

    AP Physics B: Understanding Diffraction

    I was reading the Princeton Review AP Physics B book and i don't understand the concept of diffraction. Can someone please explain it to me?
  29. shezi1995

    Should I Choose Cambridge for Natural Sciences or Wait for MIT?

    I am an international student from Pakistan doing A levels. I applied to St John's College of Cambridge uni for Natural Sciences and have luckily got an offer from there as well. I have also got a full scholarship which includes tuition and living expenses. But I have also applied to MIT...
  30. Greg Bernhardt

    Evidence that Maldacena’s hologram conjecture is true

    Simulations back up theory that Universe is a hologram http://www.nature.com/news/simulations-back-up-theory-that-universe-is-a-hologram-1.14328
  31. L

    Schools Age as negative factor in top math grad school admission?

    Hi, I am a math major in South Korea. Recently, one of my friends came to me with a rumor that age of the applicant is a critical factor in admission to top math grad school like princeton, harvard, etc... What worries me is that due to the country's "mandatory military service law ", I...
  32. M

    GPA/Academic History Issues

    This horse has been beaten so many times, it's not funny. But I, like everyone else need words of advice from people that aren't going to tell me what I want to hear (or maybe they will). Anyway, I messed around a lot after high school, took numerous classes at various community colleges...
  33. A

    Schools University Choice for Theoretical Physics

    Hello, all. Perhaps this is the wrong place to post, considering the descriptor for this subforum is "Grad school and PhD help", but I couldn't see an alternative for advice about undergraduate study, so I hope you'll forgive me if this is the wrong place! This is the first forum I've come...
  34. J

    Does pH Affect Enzyme Activity in Cornstarch and Saliva?

    Homework Statement Hi, I was working on my lab report and I got stuck. I was trying to get some input please. So my experiment was to put 2ml of cornstarch, 2ml saliva, 2ml HCl. I vary the HCl concentration in 3 test tubes. I have one test tube that is just 2mL HOH. I added iodine in and I...
  35. Hercuflea

    Can one move from fission to fusion research after PhD?

    Hi everyone, I am currently applying to graduate schools in nuclear engineering. I am applying to some top 10 schools and also some lower ranked ones as safeties. However, my fear is that if I am not accepted to a top ten school I will have to attend the safety schools. I am not particularly...
  36. M

    Testing Improving PSAT/NMSQT Scores

    I took the PSAT for practice and got a 163. That is supposed to be a pretty good score, but I want to raise it when I take it for real. I want at least a 201. I have been taking practice tests, reading and working in my Princeton Review boom everyday, reviewing math skills, and memorizing the...
  37. Hercuflea

    158 in GRE quant should I just give up on life

    I spent a whole year taking practice tests and I took an entire princeton review course. I have studied intermittently for the last 4 months. I memorized the entire formula sheet from the kaplan math book and more and maybe used 2 of the formulas on the test. I took 4 practice tests and...
  38. A

    Princeton, chicago or Berkeley?

    Hello, This year I applied to Math PhD programs and I have some offers but I don't know really what university to choose. I have been accepted in Princeton, Chicago and Berkeley... What do you think? What grad math school is better and why? (I also applied to MIT and UCLA but I haven't have...
  39. M

    Internship in fluid mechanics (Princeton, Brown, UCSD )

    Hello, I posted on college confidential and they advised me to come here. So here's my questions ! I'm currently a French student in fifth year of higher education (physics/engineering) and I'd like to do an internship in a US lab for 3 months. I currently have some opportunities : -...
  40. K

    Graduate plasma physics program in Princeton and Univ of Michiganadvice needed

    I am looking forward to apply for Plasma Physics program in PPPL(Princeton) and Univ of Michigan. But I am not sure about what sort of recommendation letters I should send. I have one strong recomendation from my undergrad project supervisor(the project is plasma diagnostics in Hall Effect...
  41. M

    Schools Amherst College and Princeton: What's it like?

    Hi, I am interested in applying to Amherst and Princeton, especially because of the substantial amount of aid they offer to internationals. While I do have an idea of what my application will look like in the coming months, I wanted to get some "inside information", if possible. How is the...
  42. C

    Why is Princeton only #5 on the US News rankings for physics?

    I don't really get it. If Princeton undoubtedly has the most ties with the most famous scientists ever, Einstein, Feynman, Witten, Godel, Weinbgerg, Polyakov, and is even home to the Institute for Advanced Study, why is it only #5 on US News? Tied with Berkeley? I think that's BS.
  43. J

    A Question about Princeton Physics

    I suppose this is a pretty stupid question, but how hard exactly is it to get into Princeton's physics graduate program? (i.e. what the acceptance rate is, the GRE score requirements and means etc...) Thanks.
  44. A

    Berkeley versus Princeton (Undergraduate)

    Hey guys, I'm currently facing a dilemma. My top choice has always been Princeton because I was always more interested in a math concentration rather than a physics concentration and Princeton has amazing opportunities. However, Princeton costs $15,000 more (Berkeley is a full-ride along with...
  45. J

    Schools Getting into Princeton Grad School for Math?

    I am a current freshman at NYU, and I want to make it into Princeton's graduate program in math. My Reasons for Wanting to Do This I'll be frank: this is a very immature goal for me to have. Aspiring for the "top" graduate program reeks of a misplaced notion of achievement. Love of math is...
  46. A

    For Undergrad: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT, Stanford?

    I'm just wondering, but if you are a good student at HYPMS or maybe even UPenn, is there a good chance of earning near 100K fresh out of college? Or is this just a big misconception that most ambitious high school students have?
  47. C

    Admissions Aiming for Princeton admission at 28?

    Aiming for Princeton admission at 28?? I am 28 years old and I have a B.A in Industrial Design. I have worked in my field for 6 years now, but lately I've been thinking about getting my mechanical engineering degree. I am aiming high by considering admission into Princeton, but I am not sure...
  48. B

    Pondering over the idea of going to Princeton

    I am currently pondering over the idea of going to Princeton. I will be done with school in another year, 10th grade. Anyone have any things to say about it? I was also thinking about Dartmouth or maybe Penn State. And which one would you say has the greater Physics departments. I am really...
  49. I

    The Princeton Guide to Mathematics

    by Timothy Gowers. How is the book? I'm thinking of purchasing it for my undergrad math career, can anyone recommend it?
  50. K

    Australians going to Princeton

    How rare is it for Australian students to go to an American University for Undergraduate studies? Is it hard to get into say Princeton or Harvard if your not American? Say i am a student who participated in the IMO (International Mathematical Olympiad) or the IPhO (International physics...