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Graph isomorphism problem-advance in complexity research

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    There seems to have been a major step forward in complexity research. somebody wrote a pleasant understandable piece about it in Quanta magazine.

    I gave the title an "intermediate" tag because the graph isomorphism problem is simple to state and easy to understand at Undergrad (even high school) level. And the new algorithm that gets a grip on it (without completely solving it) is also easy to describe in elementary terms.

    So this makes for a surprisingly easy-to-read enjoyable article, even though the problem is one of the big non-trivial ones in the complexity of algorithms study area.

    I didn't see a section of Math forum that is explicitly for graph theory---Topology seemed the closest. Also Topology forum has some threads about combinatorial questions. Nor did i see a section explicitly for complexity research. Like for papers bearing on the "P versus NP-complete" question. Or does this thread belong in the Computation section? If so feel free to move it.
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