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Graphing Functions in n Dimensions, Parametric Equations

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    So I was watching this video on Khan Academy, and it talks about graphing functions that have values in multiple dimensions. It shows how to represent a linear function in 3 dimensions with a set of vectors, L ={p1 + t(p1-p2)|t∈R} where p1 and p2 are vectors that lie on the line you want to graph. My question is: How would one go about graphing polynomials, or trigonometric functions?

    The video was under the linear algebra category, but to be honest I don't know enough about linear algebra to determine whether or not this should go in that subforum.
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    Stephen Tashi

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    Having watched the video, I'd phrase your question this way:

    That's as good question. We could start by looking by plotting examples in 2D, like [itex] C = P + tV + t^2W [/itex] just to see what they look like.
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