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Gravitational/Electrostatic self-interactions of wave function

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    So, I am reading this paper on the physicality of the wave function and I have a question.

    Here's the passage:

    "If the wave function is a physical field, then the mass and charge density will be distributed in space simultaneously for a charged quantum system, and thus, there will exist gravitational and electrostatic self-interactions of its wave function. This not only violates the superposition principle of quantum mechanics but also contradicts experimental observations."

    How would this violate the superposition principle?
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    This is insufficient. If you have a source, you must provide the complete citation to the source, the very same way you would do a citation when writing a paper. We, at PF, require such standards in the posts here as far as possible.

    Please note that our PF Rules describe clearly the type of sources that can be used for discussion in this forum.

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