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Gravitational properties of anti matter

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    [15] arXiv:0810.3435 [pdf]
    Title: Dark matter, dark energy and gravitational proprieties of antimatter
    Authors: Dragan Slavkov Hajdukovic
    Subjects: General Physics (physics.gen-ph)
    We suggest that the eventual gravitational repulsion between matter and antimatter may be a key for understanding of the nature of dark matter and dark energy. If there is gravitational repulsion, virtual particle-antiparticle pairs in the vacuum, may be considered as gravitational dipoles. We use a simple toy model to reveal a first indication that the gravitational polarization of such a vacuum, caused by visible (baryonic) matter in a Galaxy, may produce the same effect as supposed existence of dark matter. In addition, we argue that cancelation of gravitational charges in virtual particle-antiparticle pairs, may be a basis for a solution of the cosmological constant problem and identification of dark energy with vacuum energy. Hence, it may be that dark matter and dark energy are not new, unknown forms of matter-energy but an effect of complex interaction between quantum vacuum and known baryonic matter.
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    If antimatter fell up, self-conjugate particles like the photon wouldn't feel gravity at all. We know that's not the case experimentally.
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    Thats what I thought. Same with positronium. I think this paper is more of a thought experiment, which is always a good thing. A "what if". Shouldn't we then see a flux of antiparticles from space that is more dense when looking at the galaxy center? I guess the problem is that any particle to escape should inherently be neutral and this very difficult to detect except via particle showers, and its probably within the statistics of just background showers.
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