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Homework Help: Gravity Assist (Slingshot effect)?

  1. Feb 27, 2009 #1
    Hi, I have to make a small presentation on how the phenomenon of gravity assist works. Basically, as we saw in Armageddon (I know, bad movie for scientific inspiration XD ) the two spaceships "slingshot" through the Moon, and attains higher speed, due to the Moon's own gravity.

    I tried to use the stuff I know (Centripetal force, Momentum, Universal Law of gravitation, Newton's laws, Pot/Kin Energy, Kepler's laws.....etc) to apply them to the phenomenon, but I have no idea how to come up with a concise way to explain how gravity assist works.....

    I would really appreciate any help in this topic...

    Thank you in advance, =)
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