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Gravity is made of gravitons ?

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    gravity is made of gravitons ??

    the question is is gravity made of 'gravitons' i mean a particle adquire mass and gravity since it 'absorbs' a graviton.. and space time is Euclidean until it is surrounded by gravitons, then why could not construct a kind of field to polarize or avoid gravitons surrounding you ?.

    Also what is the propagator of Graviton and its Green Function equation ??.. thanks.
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    A particle gains mass through gravitons? I think you are confused there.
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    A particle with mass "fell" gravity through gravitons, but a good question arise: What is the propagator for particles with spin-2? And why spin-2?? I'll search more about this...
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    Re: gravity is made of gravitons ??

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    Re: gravity is made of gravitons ??

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