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Interaction Between the Higgs and the Graviton

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    Recently, I was surfing Youtube looking for scientific videos, and I came across one on black holes. Naturally, I figured I'd already heard it all before, but decided i might as well watch it anyways. At one point, it talked about black holes making "dents" in space-time due to its its gigantic mass, which means that it has an immense gravitational pull (or something to that effect, I was only half-listening so forgive me if I messed that up).

    Now, I'd heard that kind of statement hundreds of times before, but this time, it got me thinking. Now that we've found the Higgs boson, what exactly is its relation to the Graviton? Since the Higgs field causes mass and large amounts of mass cause gravity, I'm sure that there must be some relationship, but what kind is clearly beyond my imagination. A quick search of Google got me nowhere fast, so I came here.

    What is the relation between the Higgs and the Graviton? Can you direct me to any other threads, articles, or theories about it? Also, does the Graviton, theoretically at least, interact with itself like the Higgs boson, W boson, and Gluon do?
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    There are two other threads on this, on the front page of this very section. (High Energy, Nuclear, Particle Physics)
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