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Greeting from an NYC highschooler! :)

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    I'm a high school freshman who's been interested in higher mathematics for an embarrassingly long time, but hadn't been exposed to resources for self-study until the 8th grade. I'm currently reviewing mathematics from previous years in order to prepare to start AP Calculus AB in the coming weeks. I'm hoping to take both AB and BC online with CTY before the fall of 2016 :)

    I hold diligent practice in high esteem and try to do, at the very minimum, 100 problems a day. I believe that doing so will make elementary topics become second nature and make harder subjects easier. My favorite textbooks are I.M Gelfand's Algebra and Trigonometry, because I like how the author focuses on the 'why' and not just 'what'.

    I'm aiming to improve my mathematical knowledge from that of an average high school freshman, to someone who is mathematically mature enough to apply for programs such as MIT PRIMES, RSI and other summer or year-long experiences in mathematics by next Fall. I'm sure it's a stretch goal, but I feel that if I structure myself with this goal in mind, I'll get somewhere close! Doing mathematics research has become my dream and with research competitions like Google Science Fair and ISEF that are aimed towards high school students, I know it can't be impossible for me! That's why I'm going to push myself as far as I can!

    So that was me... ending an introduction can get uncomfortable, haha.

    Thanks and I wish all a safe and happy day! <3
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    Welcome to PF!
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