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Autodidacticism (also autodidactism) or self-education (also self-learning and self-teaching) is education without the guidance of masters (such as teachers and professors) or institutions (such as schools). Generally, autodidacts are individuals who choose the subject they will study, their studying material, and the studying rhythm and time. Autodidacts may or may not have formal education, and their study may be either a complement or an alternative to formal education. Many notable contributions have been made by autodidacts.

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  1. MatinSAR

    Need resources for self study of tensor analysis and other Physics topics

    Hello. I'm currently trying to learn tensor analysis using MATHEMATICAL METHODS FOR PHYSICISTS(By Arfken) but I cannot understand this book well. Is there any other book (same level as Arfken) to learn about tensor analysis as a beginner? Is there anyway that I find out wchich books are...
  2. Y

    Studying Advice on self studying material

    Hi. Looking for general advice on self studying math, physics, programming etc. What happens often with me is either I go too fast and encounter for which my basics aren't clear enough and going back and forth between chapters/modules boggs me down. So, I erase my overall progress and just...
  3. Slimy0233

    Studying How to self study Physics and Mathematics

    TL;DR Summary: I have heard detailed description of what to do when you study physics, but I don't know how to learn Physics in the first place, so this post tries to counter that. Here's How to Teach Yourself Physics and Math [Futurism] How To Self-Learn Physics: The Ultimate Guide How to...
  4. T

    Studying Critique My Self-Study Schedule (Signal Processing & RF Electronics)

    Hello everybody. I have already graduated I am currently in training at work which I am required to finish intensive courses. So I will start when it's completed. My interests are in Signal Processing & RF Electronics which you could tell by the study plan I created. I will be taking a slow...
  5. E

    Solving Problem 2.4 in Ballentine: Nonnegativeness Derivation

    I am trying to solve Problem 2.4 in Ballentine: I note in my attempt below to what (2.6) and (2.7) refer. My attempt thus far is as follows: A ##2 \times 2## state operator can be represented in a particular orthonormal ##\beta = \{\phi_i\}## as below, where we have enforced trace...
  6. 0

    MHB How can self-studying be an effective alternative to college education?

    http://appliedscience.byethost7.com/index.php/Main_Page I dropped out of college and decided to self study.
  7. yucheng

    Studying Balancing Theory and Applications?

    Merely studying formalism and theory in quantum mechanics is too dry and demotivating for me. I would appreciate being able to do more practical calculations and realistic applications instead of canned problems. Is there a way to balance this theory and applications? I have thought of doing...
  8. Weightlifting

    Studying When to check the solutions during self-study?

    Hi all! As I've mentioned in a previous post a while ago, I've started studying Calculus from "Calculus, a complete course" by R.A. Adams & C. Essex. I've managed to get through a good part of it already, and I plan to continue to more physics related textbooks afterwards. The end-goal I have...
  9. A

    I Constructing an Oriented Atlas for S1 (Self Study)

    Hello, I am trying to construct an oriented atlas for S1 by considering the 8 transitions from the basic coordinate projection atlas. However, it does not appear to be possible to modify this atlas without destroying existing progress. Am I on the right track towards constructing the oriented...
  10. A

    I Question regarding actual computation of tensor at point (Self Study)

    Hello all, I am hoping to get some feedback on the manner in which I performed computations towards solving the following problem. There are a couple specific points which I am not confident of: 1. Did I properly account for the manifold structure in my computation of the nonzero components...
  11. 0

    Studying Wrong Mindset to Study: Tips from an Engineer's Journey

    There is a brazilian lady that created a youtube channel with tips to succeed in local admission exams. She is focused on high competition, such as engineering (she is one) and meds (she passed by studying 3 months prior then dropped out in the first month). She skipped MA and went from BC...
  12. BadgerBadger92

    Other Best trigonometry books for beginners and self study

    I am teaching myself math and wondering if any of you have recommendations on trigonometry books for beginners and self study. Any help is appreciated!
  13. Mr.Husky

    Classical Confusion between Electrodynamics texts

    Hello everyone, I recently completed kleppner and kolenkow classical mechanics book. Next I am going to learn Electrodynamics. My brother is a EE major and he gave me his copy of "principles of electromagnetics" Matthew Sadiku 4th edition. But a lot of people here recommend Griffiths. So, 1.)...
  14. Passers_by

    Classical The first book of E&M is for self-study

    Can Classical Electromagnetism by Jerrold Franklin replace Griffith's for self-study? The book is now in its second edition.
  15. Chandller

    Foundations Textbooks vs Khan Academy for Self Study and PreCalc CLEP

    Hi PF, I hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving. Quick question, as I've mentioned before, I am non-traditional college student who is right at just over College Algebra/beginning Trig level in Math. While I am out of university, to make enough money to return, I am wanting to CLEP...
  16. jamalkoiyess

    How do you guys read a textbook?

    I am always trying to read textbooks (physics, in courses, or independently), and every time I end up in one of these situations: The book gets too technical for me to understand, or mentions something I do not know. The book goes on for too long and gets boring after the introductory chapters...
  17. R

    Intro Math Suggestions for an Intro to Proofs Math textbook for Self Study

    Hi everyone. I'll be taking a course in the fall called "Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning", which is basically and introduction to proof-based mathematics. The syllabus says we will be covering the first seven chapters of Smith, Eggen, and St. Andre's "Transition to Advanced...
  18. bagasme

    Courses Budget (Cash-Strapped) Self Study Advice Please

    Hello all, Now I had graduated from high school, and I'd like to self-study (revisiting) high school mathematics and physics (not for exam). But recently I often saw ads for a local online course platform. Many of the platform's users have been admitted to top colleges, and get better score...
  19. N

    I would love to hear about how you study math books

    Summary: self study math books I wanted to make a post, been a while since my last one. I been taking a few weeks off but back studying linear algebra done right, and i notice a few things. First i will find myself reading the chapter, and fooling myself i get it, but then struggle with the...
  20. I

    Finding the Probability for a Particle in an Infinite Potential Well

    Homework Statement: Hi, I am self-studying QM and was wondering if you could check to see if my answers are right to an online exam I took. There are no solutions availabel Homework Equations: See below A particle with mass m is in an infinite potential well of length x=0 to x=a Q1a. Show...
  21. N

    Studying Self study of Electrostatics Advice needed

    I am unsure whether this is the right forum to ask this question. This isn't a homework question but it has been troubling me for a while now. My university has replaced Electrostatics in our syllabus with Geophysics. So I am currently self-teaching Electrostatics using Griffith's Introduction...
  22. P

    Physics Going back for a masters, or is work experience just as good

    I am just looking for some opinions. I have been considering going to get my masters in Material Science (I have a B.S. in physics). I currently have a great job in the field, and it teaches me a ton. When getting my masters, I would keep the job, and they would even pay for a lot of it. I can't...
  23. gibberingmouther

    Books/Resources for Self Study - Algorithms?

    I have a book called "Grokking Algorithms", and when I'm done with my current tabletop game project I plan to work through this as much as it seems worthwhile to do so. I was not at my best when I took the class that corresponds to what's in this book, so I figure it would be good to study it...
  24. Oats

    Studying Self Study roadmap for Machine Learning

    Hello, I am a second year PhD student in mathematics currently studying logic. I have recently begun questioning staying in the field, and I really think I may want to work in Machine Learning, at the very least in the theory of it. I am willing to self study from machine learning books, but...
  25. Thomaz

    How Can You Self Study Physics Lab Experiments at Home?

    To self study the theoretical part of general physics is as "easy" as going through a textbook, but how could a person self study the experimental part of general physics at home? Any ideas? (Should be easier than to self study chemistry lab hahaha)
  26. M

    B Using competitive math question books for learning math?

    Hi, I have seen that their are competitive math books like Moems, Mathcounts, Mandelbrot and AMC. Are these useful for learning and practicing math, or are they only useful for doing competitions and would be mostly a waste of time instead of learning from textbooks or just learning more new...
  27. T dawg

    Studying Can self-studying be fulfilling and effective?

    I'm about to transfer from a community college over to a university this semester for physics. I've completed all lower division physics and math courses and of course, I missed the deadline to apply for vast majority of physics related internships I could get. Add to that the fact that there...
  28. L

    Studying How to self-study advanced books like Weinberg's QFT?

    Although the question came to my mind while studying Weinberg's QFT books, the doubt is much more general than that, and is not a doubt about physics, but rather about how to actually study and learn the topic alone from the book. From one point I agree that coming up with this doubt nearly...
  29. Robin04

    Studying Managing individual research projects, how to self study

    I’m starting my undergraduate physics degree next semester but I really like to study different fields on my own without any external motivation or obligation related to school. As I want to be a theoretical physicist I think this is something that I really have to be good at, because I imagine...
  30. Q

    Studying Can You Successfully Self-Study Math and Physics?

    Has anyone been successful self studying mathematics and physics? By successful I mean to achieve your goals to study and have firm understanding in the subjects. How did you do it? How long did it take?
  31. jamalkoiyess

    Studying Can I Learn Relativistic Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity on My Own?

    Hello PF, I am currently a physics-math junior and I was looking for advice on a small schedule that I am organizing for self-study. Our curriculum for undergraduate physics doesn’t include General Relativity nor approaches relativistic quantum mechanics. I am planning on continuing in...
  32. Cibo Matto

    Job Skills Can self-study/teaching count as credentials?

    Hello, long time lurker here on PF. I was wondering if there is anyway that I could make self-study/teaching count in any way as credentials for future jobs? I have a masters degree already but I'm hesitant to jump into a PhD since it would require that I attend part time while I work full time...
  33. Delta31415

    Calculus *BEST* Calculus 3 Textbook for self study

    Hello, currently I am a high school senior who will be going to college in the fall and since my school ends in may and college starts in mid-August. I am planning on self-studying calculus 3, so I can test out of it and go straight into partial differential equations. The textbooks that the...
  34. H

    Classical Seeking advice on Self Study Curriculum

    I'm usually entirely autonomous in planning out my curriculum (and have read much great advice here in aid); but my physics curriculum is proving more difficult to plan out than my math curriculum. I was thinking as a start: Kleppner & Kolenkow Mechanics, Purcell Electricity and Magnetism, and...
  35. N

    Self study -- how to choose assignments?

    Hello reader, I am trying to learn electrical engineering circuit analysis from Irwin. I am wondering which assignments would help me really understand the learned subjects. I am not a student and I am not going to any university so I cannot ask a teacher. My method for now is doing 3...
  36. M

    Courses Mechanics / E&M / Multivariable Calc / Diff EQ Self Study

    Hello Physics Forums! I'm in a little bit of an interesting situation. I've completed the classes offered at my school, but have been told that if I can directed-study these four courses they will provide me with a credit bearing exam for college undergraduate credit. Do you have any...
  37. G

    Classical Physics textbook for undergraduate level, self study

    Hello, I want to learn Physics, starting from mechanics to quantum mechanics and such. My brother is a physics student and he uses the University Physics text. This seems to be extremely popular- all my friends have also studied with this text. Is this a good book to get and start from page 1...
  38. Ethan Singer

    Choosing to self study higher maths

    I've recently completed Calc 1 and 2 on my own, with little guidance outside (which I feel hurt my final exam scores), but I attribute this primarily to the lack of a good textbook. I decided to hold off on Linear Algebra and Multivariable until I've graduated, and now that I have I'm looking to...
  39. N

    Schools Should I take a gap year to self study before college?

    I was admitted to a very good undergraduate physics program (Columbia University), but I think I would like to take a gap year (defer my admission) to prepare my self better. I do feel a bit intimidated as I come from Colombia and I would prefer it if I could further my studies before going to...
  40. A

    Is it possible to self study calculus 2?

    I am a high school student entering 11th grade soon. I will be taking calculus ab (calc 1) in school, but I am wondering if it is possible to self study calculus 2 and take it over the summer at a cc?(and do well!) If everything goes right I want to do calculus 2 the summer after junior year and...
  41. C

    Studying Physics Self-Study: Tips for Upper Classmen

    I am a physics student going into my 3rd year this fall. Over the summer I want to go through my textbooks and study them. My plan is the following University Physics (Young and Freedman): The first 10 odd end-of-chapter problems from every chapter (440 problems total) Then do the first 5 even...
  42. MiloBoots

    Studying Advice On Self Study Choices for Physics

    Hi everyone, I am currently a physics and applied maths major in Australia. I am studying part time as I am also an athlete and spend a lot of my time traveling and training. Because I am studying part time, I have been self studying alongside my subjects and on the semester breaks and while I...
  43. mr.tea

    Topology Self-Study Topology for Scientists

    Hi, I would like to receive suggestions regarding (general) topology textbook for self-study. I have background in real analysis, linear and abstract algebra. I am not afraid of a challenging book. Thank you!
  44. UsableThought

    Sleep deprivation & poor brain function

    Just curious if anyone else has sleep problems or other issues that particularly interfere with learning; and if so, what are your ways of coping with or minimizing these issues? Or if you like, on the positive side, of really helping your brain out w/ healthy habits? Some background on me: I...
  45. S

    Studying Self-Study A Levels: Maths, Physics, Chemistry & Biology

    Hi, I am going to attend A level exams as a private student by january 2018 in the subjects of mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology. I have planned to study 2 hours per subject in a day. By evening I would go to coaching classes in all subjects except biology, that would be 3 hours of...
  46. B

    Studying Am I Reading Math Textbooks Efficiently?

    Dear Physics Forum friends, I am an undergraduate at US actively pursuing mathematics and microbiology. Recently, I started to evaluate my methodology of reading books in the mathematics, which raised me some concerns and worry that I want to share with you, and seek advice from you. Whenever...
  47. micromass

    Insights Comments - How to self-study algebra. Part II: Abstract Algebra - Comments

    micromass submitted a new PF Insights post How to self-study algebra. Part II: Abstract Algebra https://www.physicsforums.com/insights/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/aastock6.png Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
  48. P

    Studying Which books should I read before starting university?

    [I know that I've already posted the question, but I'm just looking for more answers.] I just graduated from high school and will begin university physics classes in 2 months. Even though I got decent grades in high school and understood most of the things, I feel as though there are still some...
  49. P

    Schools Should I read University Physics by Freeman & Young right no

    I just graduated from high school and will begin university physics classes in 2 months. Even though I got decent grades, I feel as though there are still some gaps in my knowledge. I have Calculus by Stewart and University physics. Which one should I start reading and hope to complete in 2...