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GRG 18-the 18th int. conf. on General Relativity and Gravitation (Sydney 2007)

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    GRG 18---the 18th int. conf. on General Relativity and Gravitation (Sydney 2007)


    I have very little information. If someone has some QG paper they might think about presenting it at GRG, Sydney Australia.

    the dates are 8-14 July 2007

    maybe Kea knows something since she is in the Other hemisphere.

    Renate Loll is planning to be there and give one of the invited talks
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    Sorry, Marcus. Don't know anything about the organisation of this conference.

    I had a look at the preliminary website. It doesn't even say which local academics are involved in this. The conference is to be held in the very large facility in the centre of the city - that means very expensive.
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    no problem. it is more than half a year off and it may be mostly classical GR

    here is HyperSpace newsletter
    http://www.maths.qmul.ac.uk/hyperspace/conference/index.html [Broken]

    it has an announcement from Susan Scott
    http://www.maths.qmul.ac.uk/hyperspace/conference/06Oct.2.html [Broken]
    who claims to be a chair
    and indeed styles herself "chair of the organizing committee"

    the email
    suggests her seat is at Oz National Uni
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    Um.. that's a very funny thing to say, not sure what you're implying there about, well, my supervisor.

    Anyway, was just googling for the conference webpage, and of all things this thread is what came up! And in "beyond the standard model"?
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    Hi cesiumfrog! Not long until the conference now. I should be there, so I'll guess we'll meet.

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    I can only acknowledge belatedly that your thesis advisor Susan Scott has done a marvelous job.

    Bojowald and Ashtekar will be there. Bojowald will help run two workshops: one on QG of black holes, one on QG of big bang.
    Renate Loll and Laurent Freidel are scheduled to give two of the 15 plenary talks.

    (Roger Penrose and Kip Thorne will be giving the two public lectures, but that is less exciting to me than some of the talks scheduled in the conference itself)

    Don Marolf and Steve Giddings have registered I see. they just posted a paper which could serve as a bridge between string and non-string QG interests. I like their paper a lot. It is called "A global picture of quantum de Sitter space"

    Something I like about this conference is connected to how I feel about Australia---it is very simple: lower population density. Individuals stand out more.

    It matters to me that major non-string QG people will be there giving plenary one-hour talks and holding workshops---reporting on recent progress in QG.
    And it makes a difference to see that they wont be lost in a huge mob.

    Kea was worried earlier that it might be extremely expensive to register, but maybe it wasn't, or she got some student deal. Because she is going to be there.

    Looking good! my regards to the Chair:biggrin:
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