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Guess Who Else Wants A Piece of the Federal Bailout?

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    ..... The porn industry!! :) :)

    My jaw is still hurting from laughing.

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    Larry Flynt is nothing if not entertaining. Who else needs a bailout? There is a local former motel, converted to apartments (prosperity, anyone?), and the owner wants to turn the restaurant/lounge into a topless coffee-shop. The planning board has ruled that they do not have the authority to deny his application based on the attire of the employees, and have approved his application.

    Watch that scalding-hot coffee, Honey!!! Ooh! that's gotta hurt! Can I kiss it better? :rofl:
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    Of course they need a bailout. They are about to go bust.
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    We can has boom and bust! (and cheeseburger)
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    Oh, that hurt. :rofl:

    The sad thing is that those guys are serious! :rolleyes:
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    i think larry is making a political statement here, one i happen to agree with. i can't think of anything more pornographic than bailing out rich people after a market crash.
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    Can we have a non-sexual definition of "obscenity"? The early stages of the give-away (oops! bailout) sure erase that line.
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    Don't they need a pull out?
  11. Jan 7, 2009 #10

    Daddy needs to upgrade his wheel chair from gold to platinum.
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    we're all getting screwed!

    of course, that's the money shot :yuck:
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    Hey, porn stars need lovin too!
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    I guess not. I guess. :uhh:
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    No really
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Oh what a repulsive little man. But this one must entitle him to a comedy award of some kind!
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