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Guys i need to build a hovercraft

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    hey guys i need to build a single seater hovercraft....

    any ideas or suggetions.....????
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    Welcome to PF, Atul.
    Just do a forums search right here. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of posts on this subject, including a lift calculator that Russ provided.
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    i did google for it but the response wsnt all tht satisfactory.....


    thnx dude,

    i'll do tht.............

    as per my current plan i m planning to use a about 20bhp motor coupled to a propeller and use guide vanes to direct the air to the skirt and to provide the required forward thrust....

    but the problems that i m facing is with the design of the skirt and the mechanism for braking.....!!
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    With the exception of the machine that I designed (but haven't built yet), there is no braking system available that I know of other than reverse thrust.
    My system throws the lift and propulsion fans into reverse pitch, cranks the throttle, and drops a set of aircraft-type landing gear with hydraulic ABS brakes engaged.
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    For breaking, how about attaching a few rollerblade/skate brakes to manually operated levers?
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    I was totally unaware that either skates or blades had any kind of brakes. Regardless, though, I doubt that either of those systems would have anything like the stopping power required of a passenger-bearing vehicle.
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    reverse thrust option ws actually considered by me but its feasibility with my design is close too nil...... so i m thnkin bout an alternative mechanism....

    plus does any body hv ne blue prints or design instructions for the skirt..........??
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