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Homework Help: H of a toroidal coil with relative permeability

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    Consider a toroidal coil of rectangular section of N turns, for every one of which circulates a stream I. The inner radius of the coil is a and b is the exterior and the height is h. The core of this coil is a material inhomogeneous in such a way that their magnetic permeability just depends on the angle theta in this way

    [tex]\mu o=(1+k cos\theta)\mu[/tex]

    vector magnetic field H ???


    Please, can u solve this?? I can´t find the answer...

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    Well, I know

    H must be variable because [tex]\mu[/tex] is variable.


    So B is variable but B also depends of [tex]\mu[/tex] and r

    For me B is:



    H= (I*N)/(2[tex]\pi[/tex]r)

    This mean that H dont depend of the center material of toroid
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    Actually, for a toroid, B= (u0*ui*N*i)/(2PIr)*[ln(rb/ra)] which makes me think that H is really H= N*i/2PI(rb-ra)

    I'm trying to figure this out too.
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