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Hackers exploit quantom cryptography

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    So they need to make better detectors that don't just record a bit value of 1 if a classical "bright light pulse" is received
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    Thats an interesting article.
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    Thank you Dr.C, I hope to learn as much as I can here, and I see that there are some really helpful people here too.

    This article is troubling though. Someone pointed out that there would be a buffer in time between Eve's interference on the entangled state and the time Bob records a message. So one of the original hacker's response was that Eve could compensate this lag by cutting corners in the route from A to B, freeing up time needed to remain incognito.

    I haven't learned about QM yet, but one would assume that collapsing an entangled state should lead to much more intimate and precise (especially with time) measurements of disturbance. At least, these are the properties QM can boast.
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