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Halloween Costume Help - Three Questions

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    Hey all, I'm putting together my costume for the year. My friends and I always have a huge costume party and this year features the sequel to last year's Slenderman scavenger hunt in which Slenderman chases party-goers through the night as they hunt for the "Eight Pages". My friend, Phil, wears the costume and he was on the front page of last year's Portsmouth Herald (source) for his part in the parade (image below).


    Anyway, that was just to hint at how seriously we take our once-a-year tradition.

    I'm assembling my costume this year, and I want to be Khan from the new Star Trek movie, Into Darkness. The shirt looks like this (image from Anovos):

    http://www.anovos.com/assets/images/star-trek-movie/characters/trek-movie-khan-shirt.jpg [Broken]

    Unfortunately, they're sold out and are backordered until December. So I've been scouring the internet and had to settle on this alternative (source Kranson uniform):


    Question 1: How can I add the black, slightly-reflective, insignia? Any thoughts?

    Now, using this image as reference (source: timsfilmreviews.com):


    Question 2: where can I get similar pants?


    Question 3: where can I get similar boots?

    I don't really have a budget (i.e. I don't care how much it costs). I'd buy the replica pants for $150 if I had the official replica shirt. Just looking for ideas!!
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    Thanks, but no thanks.
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    In answer to question 1 - Go to the nearest hobby/sewing shop, they should have a square of that kind of material there that you can cut out and glue to the shirt. It might already come with an adhesive backing you can just iron on. They might even carry the emblems ready made.
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    Awesome. I don't think I've ever been in a sewing shop. I was thinking of making it out of a roll of wide electrical tape, but your idea is way better. Thanks Evo.
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