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Homework Help: Hamiltonian problem

  1. Jan 16, 2009 #1
    Have you got any clues how to prove q2=Acos(q2)+Bsin(q2)+C using hamiltonian H =(1/2)*(p12 q14 + p22 q22 - 2aq1) , where a,A,B,C=const.
    I've tried to solve hamiltonian eqations what let me to equations which I can't solved.
    How you got any ideas solving this problem?
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    You could try some canonical transformation of the variables.
    This is just a tip, I didnt do any calculations.. :D
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    It might be good idea, but do you have any other clues how to solve it without canonical transformation?
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    Have you tried working out any partial derivatives of your hamiltonian?
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    Yes, I tried prove it using hamiltonian equations (which are partial derivatives of hamiltonian), but always it let me to equations which I can't solve. If the quickes way to prove it is canonical transformation maby someone can tell me how to prove this problem using it.
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