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Hand-on semiconductor demonstration

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    I am a graduate student working in semiconductor physics. I have been asked to give a presentation to high school girls about my field. The problem I am running into is that the organizers would like me to provide something hands-on that the girls can do relating to semiconductors. I have not been able to think of anything or really find anything on the web. I wouldn't mind doing the hall effect experiment (since that is strongly related to my experiments), but I don't really have access to a magnet I can transport (the one in my lab is quite heavy and unwieldy). Do you have any suggestions as to hands-on experiments I could do or where on the web I could find some? Thanks!
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    why not show some solar cells ? it is a impressive demonstration of semiconductor "at work".. well, at least, you could align your explanations ;-) just forget the organic stuff ...

    good luck
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    Pass around a wafer? Kids like shiny things, right?

    If you want to talk about fabrication and depending what kinds of masks you have access to, you could do a simple diffraction demonstration with a laser pointer on the wall. Then use a microscope objective to form the image.
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