Hard for me to say Bye to you-Tears for Physics

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Hard for me to say "Bye" to you-Tears for Physics

I'm a undergraduate student in China,in a un-famous University,studying technology,which is because I didn't get enough marks in the exam of the entrance to university,and rejected by physics school.As you know or not,MARKS is everything in China.And it meant I would have little opportunity to study physics specially.The fact is indeed.

But I didn't want to bend to fate.So I chose physics again when it's time to take the exam of the entrance to graduate study.But the subjects of the exam were two physics specialty courses:QM and College physics including Atomatic Physics,and two irrespective subjects:English and Politics.

So besides the time I have to spend on English and Politics,I must master QM and Atomatic Physics in 3 months in order to pass the exam,without guidance,because the physics school of our school had moved to another campuss which was far away from the campuss where I lived.

And I failed finally.

I passed the College physics,but failed in QM for 10 marks,which full marks of the subject was 150.

I have never doubted my aiblity in studying physics,all I need is an opportunity,but it's so difficult for me to get one.

Maybe I haven't done my best,maybe have.But what it matters now?The result is definite.The blaze of hope studying physics is getting smaller and smaller.

That is the rough way I aspaire after Physics.And the result may mean I will have little opportunity to study Physics.Because the fact is that I need a job to live on,and will have little time to study physics.

But who knows?Who can determine the future expect God?Who can tell what the future will be?

However,I will never give up the hope to study physics.Although maybe I couldn't take physics research as my career,but I will love physics in my heart forever.

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hmm is it possible to retake these exams and or leave china?

education in the US and europe is based more off of what you're willing to pay for, so its possible for you to study anything you want. (also financial aid can help to disway a number of the costs associated with an education in the US).

it is usually very difficult to get into grad school in physics from any subject other than physics do to the sheer amount of preperation required. FOr instance Quantum mechanics requires not only time given to study but a certain level of mathematical preperation which is not usually possible to achieve without guidance.

(it has been my experience that any physics subject can be self-studied if one knows the necessary math)
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The philosophy forum is over there...

But really, just move to another country.
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also if all else fails you can still study some physics on your own.

it seems that you are pretty well versed in english , so you could probably get along with reading soe english books in physics (I don't know what the chinese analoges of these books would be).

mathematical methods by boas

quantum mechanics by griffiths

Electricity and magnetism by Griffiths
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Thank you!

I'm pleasantly surprised for your applying so quickly!

yes,I can retake the exam,but it's a thing one year later,and I didn't want to take money from home to support myself.So I need to find a job,and therefore will leave less time for me to study,and the probability of success will be smaller.

And I also considered about going abroad,but the first,the lack of money,and if we want to go to another country,we should take IELTS/TOEFL exam,it's a mount of money and time,on the other hand,because I was forced to study some courses that I dislike and unneccessary,and I'm not good in getting marks,so my GPA is not high,of course,maybe I don't know the circumstance well.So I thirst for your introduction.

ps:I know books by Griffiths,and I know many people in my country study it.And I will get them.

Tahnks CPL.Luke!
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there are always other options, In the US there are some schools called Community Colleges that just offer a nuber of classes that are open for anybody with a high school diploma to take. These classes are very cheap at around $100 per credit, and that fee can also be waived for those who demonstrate financial need (a new immigrant would surely qualify).

Or you might be able to get into a decent school on your current transcript.

If you work hard there and get decent marks you can then go on to a "real" college after a semester or two. Alternatively you can stay two years at one such college and get an associates degree which guarentees entry into a state school in most places.

^it should be noted that you can take whatever you want at a CC and don't let the tell you otherwise, when I tarted at a CC last semester I had been just dropped out of high school because I had been failing classes out of boredom. When I got there they told me to take certain classes hat I knew I wouldn't do well in, but I controlled my registration card and registered for the classes I wanted to.

I ended up taking all the hpysics and math courses they had to offer and because of this I was able to make myself work hard and get a decent average which then allowed me to get into UMASS (decent state school in the northeast) after one semester

Also as I've learned from a number of my foreign friends, learning english isn't so hard once you're over here and immersed in it, it might bereason to o easy on your course load first semester, however you shouldn't have trouble reaching the fluency of a native speaker.

I should also mention that this path wouldn't be an easy one by any means, and carries with it a very large amount of risk as you may decide that you don't like physics, or that you don' like it in another country. If you went the CC route you'd have to pay rent and money for your courses (unless you have relatives in the States or somewhere else). however it is posible to study what you want in this fashion, and so you have to decide how important it is to you to study physics.

however it can also be very exciting to go out to a brand new and strange place in order to study your passion. Life is to short to spend doing things you don't like.

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