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News Hard liquor, guns & the nuclear football

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    Of the pictures I have seen with the Palin family brandishing guns, the majority show hard liquor being drunk or having been consumed. Even the NRA would not condone anyone handling weapons while intoxicated. What does this say about the mindset of someone seeking to be entrusted with the power to exterminate all life on Earth?
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    Drinking and shooting. Ahhh. yes.

    Ask Harry Whittington about how much fun that is.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    You will need to provide at least a few example photos.
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    yeah, this I HAVE to see.
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    Bristol Palin (known in the media for being pregnant under-age) is shown to do most of the drinking, although it would take more investigation to find a legitimate drinking-while-gunning picture of her (to say nothing of her mother) from the Internet. I think it reasonable to assume that an alcoholic with a habit of shooting has done both simultaneously.

    Here is a slanted short on her habitual use of alcohol, which I regret to report:


    As a minor, she is her parents' responsibility. I agree that this situation is mostly the Palin family's business, but her mother needs to consider her own priorities.

    Note: There seems to be some question as to the veracity of certain pictures showing "Sarah Palin" posing with a gun.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    That won't do. We are talking about Palin, not her daughter.

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