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MATLAB Hardware advice for a MATLAB oriented PC build

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    Hello PF,
    I am considering some options in my upcoming PC build and want to choose the one that performed best in MATLAB. What I mostly do is velocimetry with a big amount of points, image processing, statistical analysis. My options are between 2 CPUs:
    • AMD Ryzen 2700 - for the 8 physical cores since MATLAB rarely benefits from virtuals.
    • Intel Core i7 8700k - mainly for its universality and optimization along with the good single core performance.
    As for the GPUs, I considered the following:
    • Nvidia GeForce 1070Ti - for the 2k+ Cuda cores and the OpenGL performance ( from https://gfxbench.com/result.jsp) Along with a good pricing
    • Quadro P2000 - I read on some forums that it offered better performance even when the benchmarks were lower.
    The build will have 32GB Ram and an SSD
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