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The PC-9800 series (Japanese: PC-9800シリーズ, Hepburn: Pī Shī Kyūsen Happyaku Shirīzu), commonly shortened to PC-98 or 98 (キューハチ, Kyū-hachi), is a lineup of Japanese 16-bit and 32-bit personal computers manufactured by NEC from 1982 to 2000. The platform established NEC's dominance in the Japanese personal computer market, and, by 1999, more than 18 million units had been sold. While NEC did not market these specific machines in the West, it sold the NEC APC series, which had similar hardware to early PC-98 models.
The PC-98 was initially released as a business-oriented personal computer which had backward compatibility with the successful PC-8800 series. The range of the series has expanded, and in the 1990s it was used in a variety of industry fields including education and hobbies. NEC succeeded in attracting third-party suppliers and a wide range of users, and the PC-98 dominated the Japanese PC market with more than 60% market share by 1991. IBM clones lacked sufficient graphics capabilities to easily handle Japan's multiple writing systems, in particular kanji with its thousands of characters. In addition, Japanese computer manufacturers marketed personal computers that were based on each proprietary architecture for the domestic market. Global PC manufacturers, with the exception of Apple, had failed to overcome the language barrier, and the Japanese PC market was isolated from the global market.By 1990, average CPUs and graphics capabilities were sufficiently improved. The DOS/V operating system enabled IBM clones to display Japanese text by using a software font only, giving a chance for global PC manufacturers to enter the Japanese PC market. The PC-98 is a non-IBM compatible x86-based computer and is thus capable of running ported (and localized) versions of MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows. However, as Windows spread, software developers no longer had to code their software separately for each specific platform, and the PC-98 became regarded as one of the Windows-based machines like other IBM clones. The PC-98 adopted non-proprietary parts developed for IBM clones to reduce manufacturing costs. Due to the popularity of Windows 95, the demand for the PC-98 on which legacy applications depend had declined. In 1997, NEC abandoned compatibility with the PC-98 and released the PC98-NX series based on the PC System Design Guide.

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  1. MatinSAR

    F(x) row isn't shown in origin software

    My PC : There is no option ! Origin's website:
  2. Doc Al

    Ereader (Nook) no longer recognized by PC

    I have an old ereader (a Nook) that I've used for reading ePub books for ages. I mainly side-load books. I just plug it into a USB port and it appears as a folder, where I can add and delete things as I please. Until now. When I plug it into a port on my new laptop, it is not recognized...
  3. W

    What Consumes Fewer PC Resources: 1 Window with 250 Tabs or 5 and 50

    Hi, just want to cut down on resource use in my Win 10 PC browsing. As a rule of thumb, Is having one window open with , say, 250 tabs open preferable to 5 open Windows10 Windows with 50 tabs each? What setup would consume more resources? I understand there's o hard and fast rule, but any rule...
  4. Lotto

    B If I double sound on my PC, how would the sound intensity increase?

    If I have on my PC let's say sound on 50% and I increase it on 100%, how would the sound intensity change? Would it be twice bigger? But I think that function of sound intensity level dependent on sound percets is a linear function, isn't it? How to explain it? Why is it the linear function?
  5. Sciencemaster

    I Database of binary star data info within 10 PC of Earth

    I'm looking for a database of binary stars within 10 PC of Earth, including information such as eccentricity of orbits, their distance from one another, etc. I'm hoping to find a list with this information, or just a collection of pages with this information. I've tried Simbad but I can't find...
  6. M

    Which factors of a PC determine the opening time of a program and a large file

    Hello. Would you please explain the factors that determines the opening time of a program or a big file. For example if you have a large excel file, why would you have a difficulty to open it, if it is very large? If it is in your PC's main storage, that is either HDD or SDD, is it reading...
  7. user366312

    What does it mean by PC in this article?

    https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/24995959/ What does it mean by PC in this article?
  8. R

    Resetting PC & Visual Studio Code - Need Help!

    I tried resetting the PC and reinstalling visual studio code and that does nothing. Any advice would be helpful.
  9. AJSayad

    Grad School Flow Simulation PC Build

    Hey everyone, I'm coming to the end of my Mechanical Engineering B.S. degree and I've been in the process of applying to mechanical and aerospace PhD programs. I want to do research in fluid mechanics; I have some expereience in hypersonics from a Research Expereince for Undergraduates NSF...
  10. dRic2

    Managing Dual Linux OS and Partitions on PC

    Hi, I am running on pc with 2 different Linux OS and the following partitions /dev/sda1 (Boot) /dev/sda2 (ArchLinux) /dev/sda3 (something empty) /dev/sdb1 (Ubuntu) /dev/sdb2 (EFI System partition) /dev/sdb3 (no name) Since I basically don't use ArchLinux, I wanted to uninstall it. I...
  11. W

    Transferring Data from Old PC to New PC (Both Win 10)

    Hi all, So my old Win 10PC is slowing down and I am buying a new one. I want to transfer data from the old to the new without having to remove the HD. Wil just connecting the two PCs with a SATA cable enough to do the job? Is there a simpler, faster way?
  12. W

    Android: How to transfer Downloads, Screenshots to Win 10 PC?

    Hi all, I would like to back up my Android's downloads, screenshots to my Win10PC. Unfortunately, when I connect the PC to the phone using the charger, the PC does not recognize it, so that's not an option. I can send myself an email from the phone to my PC , but then I have to attach some 500...
  13. theycallmevirgo

    Just got into Horizon Zero Dawn (PC)

    Many, many wonderful ideas in that game. What sticks out most immediately is how a society which needs to deal with an infestation of large, occasionally hostile autonomous machines whose only common weakness is an inability to fly will "naturally" develop "structural engineering" that resembles...
  14. ghowriter

    How to make a custom UPS using an old PC power supply and 18650 batteries?

    Yes, this is a question. I already converted an old PC power supply (350 Watt) to replace the bower bricks for my Internet modem and router. What I would like to do now is install a 2-3 hour mini-UPS in the mix so I can remove it from my computer's UPS. I have spent days online scouring the web...
  15. Delta2

    Why do we need to increase voltage when overclocking PC components?

    When we overclock CPU or GPU or RAM we also have to increase the voltage to achieve stable operation (provided we have adequate cooling). Why is that?
  16. tutorialsmate

    What Does 5 Beeps at Startup Mean for a Dell PC?

    my system beeps 5 time, means CMOS is failing?
  17. Wrichik Basu

    Desktop PC not turning on, blinking green LED on motherboard

    Our Windows 7 32-bit desktop PC is fitted with an Asus P7H55-M LX motherboard. It was working fine till yesterday evening, but from this morning, it won't turn on. (By this, I mean that it is not even starting the boot; the fan on the processor won't run.) My first guess was the PSU. So I...
  18. M

    Using Tablets & Phones instead of a PC for data storage

    My view of tablets and phones is that they are "companion" devices and are not a suitable replacement of a computer. They are there to help you perform certain tasks which you would previously have had to use a computer for and are generally very good at it but are still limited. They are there...
  19. Wrichik Basu

    Problems with a USB network adapter for a PC

    Frequent visitors of this forum will remember my previous thread where I mentioned an issue with the USB LAN adapter in our desktop - it used to disconnect automatically from the net. We could narrow down to the fact that the problem occurred only when we were downloading large files (>= 800...
  20. F

    Safety of a PC when disconnected from the Internet

    Is a PC free from viruses when disconnected with internet?
  21. R

    How do you acquire your PC games? (If you play them)

    I'm trying to have an in depth look and compare and contrast the various ways someone could get their PC games since it isn't always possible to get PC games physically and nowadays even if you do there are some caveats due to increasing sizes of games. At the same time I'm a bit of an old timer...
  22. jamalkoiyess

    How do you keep yourself from procrastinating when working on a PC

    procrastination might be a bad term, but whenever I try to do some computational homework or any kind of productive computer usage, I find myself hours later just browsing some random stuff or binging youtube. It's always tempting especially when working on a browser to just open a tab and...
  23. M

    Mac vs PC: Which is Better for a PhD Student?

    Hi PF! I'm about to buy a new laptop, and am leaning towards a 15". I currently use a macbook pro 2013 for my main computer, though I also have a PC rebooted for Ubuntu (it's my lab's, not mine). The new macbooks are very expensive, but very durable. To me, they feel very secure and well...
  24. BiGyElLoWhAt

    How to copy and simulate android on PC?

    Summary: I want to basically multipartition my pc and use MY android OS copied from my phone as the dual boot OS. Hi all, it's been awhile since I've posted. Sorry for AWOL. What I want to do: Partition my hard drive and run my exact copy of android on the other partition. Why: I want to...
  25. Wrichik Basu

    Turning a desktop PC into a WiFi hotspot using Connectify software

    I was reading online that Connectify can be used to convert any desktop or laptop PC into a hotspot. Our PC is fitted with Windows 7 Pro, 32-bit. It doesn't have an inbuilt WiFi adapter, and connects to the Internet using Ethernet. I wanted to make a hotspot using this desktop. There are...
  26. Wrichik Basu

    Finding the fault in the SMPS in our PC

    The SMPS in our PC went out a few months back. I confirmed that the device was not working by shorting the green and anyone black wires on the 24-pin motherboard connector. This was doubly confirmed by the mechanic who came to install a new SMPS. I was checking online for procedures to detect...
  27. M

    How do I install Ubuntu on a PC with Windows 10?

    Hi PF! I'm trying to run Ubuntu on a Dell with Windows 10. I followed the instructions on the Ubuntu website, but I'm not getting the screen suggested here: https://tutorials.ubuntu.com/tutorial/tutorial-install-ubuntu-desktop#2 What I've done: downloaded Ubuntu from here...
  28. W

    Self-Testing on a PC running Win 10

    Hi All, I am having what seems to be power-related problems on my Win10 PC. I have looked into Device Manager, I ran DxDiag, checked into Msinfo32 and diagnostics say everything is fine. Problem is light on f12 key turns off and computer powers off despite receiving power ( you can see the...
  29. Sid55

    How to power up a DIY LED panel with a PC PSU?

    Thanks to anyone who likes to chime in and help out this newbie. :smile: I bought some CC CV buck converters to power my DIY LED panel project using a perfectly working PC power supply unit that was collecting dust inside a fairly old and unused PC but unfortunately the buck converter does not...
  30. B

    Gaming PC in my 2018 Kenworth T680 Truck -- Power Issues?

    Hello I'm trying to set up my gaming computer in my 2018 Kenworth T680 but having power issues. Both with the monitor and the tower. But mostly the monitor. I realize the power inverter is likely incompatible with monitor and tower PSU. I need a workaround. Issue: Monitor works interminitly for...
  31. kolleamm

    Controlling 100 LEDs with a PC?

    I would like to turn on and off 100 external (non screen) LEDs through my PC. I was thinking to assign each pin on my serial port an LED, because apparently you can control the power on serial port pins if I understand correctly. The problem is that even if I do control each pin on a port, what...
  32. jamalkoiyess

    MATLAB Hardware advice for a MATLAB oriented PC build

    Hello PF, I am considering some options in my upcoming PC build and want to choose the one that performed best in MATLAB. What I mostly do is velocimetry with a big amount of points, image processing, statistical analysis. My options are between 2 CPUs: AMD Ryzen 2700 - for the 8 physical...
  33. W

    PC beeps when power goes on, does not complete POST

    Hi, I have a Dell Inspiron core i5 PC. It beeps in sequences of 4 bbebeeps at a time shortly after power goes on , won't boot up nor complete Post . It may have to see with ram problem I have been told. Is this correct? Ultimately, what can I do?
  34. L

    How can I connect my PC to my TV for movie streaming?

    Hello, I just got a TV for the first time in about a decade, so I'm unfamiliar with TV's that hook up to computers, but this is the only way I'll be able to watch anything on this TV. The first is a picture of the connections I have on the back of the TV. The second one is the connections I have...
  35. Wrichik Basu

    Security problems with my home PC

    I have a PC at my home with Windows 7, 32-bit. It is used by my father and me, on the administrator account, which is the only user in the computer. Since a few months, while clearing the contents of the "temp" folder (accessed by %temp% from Run option in start), I am finding that several...
  36. W

    My Win 8.1 PC is Acting Out -- Suggestions, Please?

    Hi All, I have this cracked electronic screen. Any suggestions, please?
  37. Greg Bernhardt

    Is the PC Dead? Trends, Insights, and Observations from a Tech Enthusiast"

    I've been intrigued by this statement for a number of years. Certainly there is still a need for laptops, but there are undeniable trends and mobile tech is getting better every year. I see the next generation almost entirely on mobile devices. Perhaps PCs won't go away but rather become special...
  38. W

    Battery Power draining even when PC is Off?

    Hi, I am just clueless about this. I turned my computer off with the battery at 100% ( I was using power cord with outlet). I disconnected from the server at the coffee shop, went to " Shut Down" on Windows icon menu, turned machne off. This morning I turn my PC on and the battery is at around...
  39. J

    C/C++ Java vs wxWidgets or GTK+ with c++ for a PC ground station

    I've got experience with win32API but its' a pain in the ass. What else is good for cross platform low level programming of apps, want it to work for PC, linux, be able to handle serial data streams, convert data and do C++ tier things. So far been using processing but that's not powerful...
  40. W

    PC Automatically Loads Previous Surfing Tabs

    Hi All, Just curious: every time I connect , go online, my PC automatically loads all the tabs from my previous internet session. Why is it doing this? Thanks.
  41. M

    Firewall parameters and PC security

    I have installed an antivirus. But one day I realized that somebody was controlling my PC. Then I installed a firewall. There are lots of attempts to my PC which are recoreded in the firewall. I am very confused why these are happening and who they are, how they can do this. Now some important...
  42. M

    PC fraud by changing properties

    How can some PC scammers change the properties of a pc and its device manager to sell it to a high price? How can show another PC's device manager as that of the another PC? Thank you.
  43. Drakkith

    How can I fix the constant popup window on my PC after a virus removal?

    A few days ago my AVG antivirus detected a virus and successfully eliminated it. Since then I've been having an issue where a window will briefly popup but is immediately closed. I'm concerned that the virus wasn't cleared fully or that I've gotten another virus, but I've done several full scans...
  44. O

    How powerful would a dream quantum computer be?

    Just for fun let's imagine a dream PQC (Personal Quantum Computer) from the future: Specifications: - 4MQ Processer (4MQ = 4 Mega Qubits) - 1TB Time Crystal Memory - 2PB Atomic Storage Hard Drive (Peta Byte=1000TB) - 3D Quantum Dot Screen with built in Holographic Display - All in one Quantum...
  45. Glenn Borg

    What type of resistor is needed for a dummy load on a 350W PC PSU?

    Hi, I have a 350 w PSU (PC) with 3.3, 5 and 12 v outputs. I want to create a dummy load so that i will remain on and output the correct voltage. However, i found online that a 10 ohm 10w resistor is needed such as this one ...
  46. john101

    Computer Build Your Own PC: DIY Tips & Tricks

    I build my own computers. I've built and serviced many for others. There are some things I think are useful. - Always research. Don't automatically do something that someone says. Always research it thoroughly. There are almost always others who have had the same questions and often there are...
  47. fluidistic

    Computer Building a PC, give me your thoughts please

    It's been years I don't have a desktop pc and now is the time I "need" one. My use will be numerical simulations, compiling general programs as well as latex documents, some lightweight/middleweight programming, using a virtual machine and use another OS's this way. I'll be using Linux only. My...
  48. BiGyElLoWhAt

    Java Building a PC for ProTools/Java/C/Python/LoL

    Perhaps this is the place to put this? I'm in the market for a new pc, and am thinking of doing it myself (this will be my first time building one from scratch). I'm fairly familiar with the components and what they do, but specifically, what I will need, that is where my real question lies...
  49. F

    Video Camera Connection to PC -- How to get the fastest frame rate transfer?

    Hello, What is the fastest connection method (i.e. type of cabling) to transfer images from a video camera to a computer, i.e. what type of connection gives the highest frame per minutes? Is a USB connection fast? If not, why not? Should I look at a camera that connects in a different way...
  50. W

    Calculators Multi-screen Output for single PC (8.1)?

    Hi all, It has been my nerd dream to have many screens to be able to see the same PC (Win 8.1)output in more than one screen. Other than the obvious way of having the same input in many PCs simultaneously, is there some other way of doing this, while having the option of doing basic functions on...