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Hardware acceleration is the use of computer hardware made to perform some functions more efficiently than in software running on a general-purpose central processing unit (CPU). Any transformation of data or routine that can be computed can be calculated purely in software running on a generic CPU, purely in custom-made hardware, or in some mix of both. An operation can be computed faster in application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) designed or programmed to compute the operation than specified in software and performed on a general-purpose computer processor. Each approach has advantages and disadvantages. The implementation of computing tasks in hardware to decrease latency and increase throughput is known as hardware acceleration.
Typical advantages of software include more rapid development, lower non-recurring engineering costs, heightened portability, and ease of updating features or patching bugs, at the cost of overhead to compute general operations. Advantages of hardware include speedup, reduced power consumption, lower latency, increased parallelism and bandwidth, and better utilization of area and functional components available on an integrated circuit; at the cost of lower ability to update designs once etched onto silicon and higher costs of functional verification, and times to market. In the hierarchy of digital computing systems ranging from general-purpose processors to fully customized hardware, there is a tradeoff between flexibility and efficiency, with efficiency increasing by orders of magnitude when any given application is implemented higher up that hierarchy. This hierarchy includes general-purpose processors such as CPUs, more specialized processors such as GPUs, fixed-function implemented on field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), and fixed-function implemented on ASICs.Hardware acceleration is advantageous for performance, and practical when the functions are fixed so updates are not as needed as in software solutions. With the advent of reprogrammable logic devices such as FPGAs, the restriction of hardware acceleration to fully fixed algorithms has eased since 2010, allowing hardware acceleration to be applied to problem domains requiring modification to algorithms and processing control flow.

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  1. H

    Seagate SSD fails at end of large transfer

    The standalone Seagate SSD that I got for backup failed completely toward the end of a massive transfer. Fortunately almost everything I valued was still available elsewhere. I bought a Seagate hard drive to replace it.
  2. H

    Misc. Attach plates (my design) to the stator core of the machine

    I am working on an electrical engineering project. However, I have come across a specific mechanical engineering problem. I have attached an image to describe what I want to do. I have primarily a stator core (made out of electrical steel laminated sheets) named part number "1". I have a...
  3. The Bill

    Engineering EE resources for audio hardware design?

    My Google-fu has been failing me on this. I'm looking for a good variety of online resources and textbooks on the design of audio equipment. The level I'm looking for would be for upper-level undergraduate or intro graduate level electrical engineering. Topics must include how to best isolate...
  4. Demystifier

    I Ontology is to quantum theory what hardware is to computation theory

    In interpretations of quantum mechanics there are two types of physicists: those who care about ontology and those who don't. The ontologists, or realists, want to know what is the world made of. The non-realists, on the other hand, think that this question is not relevant to physics. Usually...
  5. PhysicsTest

    Simple RC Hardware Circuit Understanding -- Questions

    I need to understand the below hardware circuit I am not sure about the type of the signals at signal1 and signal2, i have assumed DC signals initially. Then when i simulated in LT spice, the signal at Output is +5V. But if i assume the signals at signal1 and signal2 as Sine wave, then C1 and...
  6. brainbaby

    Converting RTL design of computer architecture into REAL Hardware

    Hi guys, 1. Most of the design textbooks which I have seen on computer architecture put stress ONLY till the RTL design of computer architecture. But the story of computer system design goes much beyond the RTL description(i.e how RTL design is converted into actual hardware) 2. We begin from...
  7. Arman777

    Ipad Air 5th Gen M1 Hardware properties compared to Intel i5-7200U CPU

    Hey all, I want to buy Ipad Air 5th Gen Tablet. Currently My computer has this specs: CPU(s): 4 On-line CPU(s) list: 0-3 Vendor ID: GenuineIntel Model name: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7200U CPU @ 2.50GHz CPU family: 6 Model...
  8. A

    Is it possible to deduce the software from the hardware activity?

    Suppose one knows well the laws of physics but knows nothing about computers and IT. Would one be able to deduce how a computer works only by studying its hardware? Could one rebuild the software code and understand its meaning only by looking at the internal flow of bits in its CPU?
  9. hb8yh8

    Do open hardware licenses prevent patents (globally)?

    let's say I do file an object under an open hardware license then either I or someone else wants to patent it or something really similar to it, would it be possible? also for how much time does the open hardware license last? probably not the right forum where to ask this, probably I should...
  10. T

    How to use linux library to interface with hardware

    We have a system that requires software to program a fairly complex frequency synthesizer IC. Given the desired frequency, software executes an algorithm to calculate the values needed to be programmed into the physical device. We would like to have this algorithm contained in an independent...
  11. H

    Handling CC2540BLE firmware & hardware

    Hi. I have to drive a motor using TI's CC2540 blue tooth IC. The order is already placed for IC and CC debugger. I have very limited time to design it's hardware as well as software. I think hardware part is easy for me. However in case of software I need verbal suggestions as soon possible like...
  12. Gothic

    Comp Sci Question regarding Computer Hardware

    pls post your thought here I need this for my homework :)
  13. J

    Quantum Journal on hardware used to build quantum computers?

    Hi folks, This time is not a book, I would like to know if exists a journal explaining how a qubit is actually built, I mean the hardware not the theory. Indeed I am interested in any hardware related with these technologies. I know this field is still in an early stage and they are still...
  14. trurle

    Explosion of 74HC14 IC in Old Stock

    Recently i am trying to put in use a stock of old 74x series microchips manufactured around ~2000 AD. Unfortunately, one of microchips 74HC14 (hex schmitt trigger inverter) in SOIC-14 package have exploded in test setup in the moment the power was applied. Loud "popping" sound, flash of blue...
  15. A

    Basic Hardware Architecture Questions

    Is this thread appropriate for some basic computer science hardware and architecture questions or are the posts in here to be strictly related to specific Programming Languages?
  16. fluidistic

    Hardware recommendation to control LEDs individually

    My two years old son loves lights and computers. I was thinking to buy an Arduino or a Raspberry pi like single board to control a LED matrix panel. What I want is to be able to control individual LEDs by pressing on keys on a keyboard. Example: by pressing "a", a LED lights up, "b" another LED...
  17. Pattonias

    Searching for Answers on Processor Performance & Real-Time Processing

    I have a question for which I can't seem to find a satisfactory answer. We do a lot of intense real time processing of audio signals in my line of work. (Generally programmed in C) I am a mechanical engineer with only a rudimentary understanding of the process that goes on in the software for...
  18. F

    CSE Project Ideas: Simulate Connected Cars with Vector Canoe Simulator

    Hello! I have to select a project for this semester.. from a lot of ideas one that got my sight is- "Simulate connected car with vector canoe simulator"... I am thinking about making a project out of it where cars will be connected and they will get information for public transport and...
  19. jamalkoiyess

    MATLAB Hardware advice for a MATLAB oriented PC build

    Hello PF, I am considering some options in my upcoming PC build and want to choose the one that performed best in MATLAB. What I mostly do is velocimetry with a big amount of points, image processing, statistical analysis. My options are between 2 CPUs: AMD Ryzen 2700 - for the 8 physical...
  20. J

    External hardware to use software?

    Hi folks, I have access to Biovia Materials Studio, but my computer is old and is not fast enough to take advantage of the software, What can I do? ANy idea?
  21. berkeman

    Hardware interface and App SW development for Smart Phones

    So the recent fun thread about Smart Phone uses: https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/what-do-smart-phones-partially-replace.932077/ reminded me of several Apps I'd like to write that involve external hardware. Think DAQ or other types of external hardware. Do most external hardware modules...
  22. D

    Expert RF Hardware Design Tips & Resources for Full Stack Engineers

    Hey Everyone, I am starting a new job in a few weeks. I have EE background with strong academic and professional background in power electronics, digital hardware design, control systems and low frequency analog circuit design (<100 kHz). I always joke around that I am an full stack hardware...
  23. pairofstrings

    Job Skills Becoming Part of the AI Revolution: Skilling Up for the Future

    Hello. I am looking for guidance. I have been working in software industry for about eight years now. I see that the trend is moving towards making a machine intelligent. I want to be part of this trend and move forward. My questions is: What skills do I need to become part of this era of...
  24. berkeman

    Lowe's Hardware Employees Testing Exoskeletons to Aid Lifting

    Pretty neat. Lowe's is equiping some employees with these exoskeletons to help them lift in their jobs with less overall strain on their backs. Virginia Tech is working with Lowe's on the design and testing of the exoskeleton "uniforms". :smile...
  25. jamalkoiyess

    What is the computer hardware needed by a physicist?

    I am looking at desktop and laptop options, but I do not know which will be beneficial to me as a Physics student. I am a sophomore and am looking for something that can last up to 5 years of performance without having to upgrade and also it should fit my needs as a physicist. Since I know so...
  26. Kenneth Adam Miller

    I What does the Hadamard correspond to in hardware?

    As per the title, I'm wondering what exactly is going on at the quantum level that makes entanglement arise - what is the precursor? The hadamard, as I know it, is just a particular set of matrix values that make up an operator. From what I understand, in physics, entanglement is a naturally...
  27. Nikhil N

    How to make a hardware setup for monitoring BER of modbus

    I have to devices in communication with modbus protocol. Master is PC and slave is compressor(100ft line,RS485 standard, modbus RTU protocol). I have to build a setup which will show how much the error in communication. I am coupling some white noise to the line and some burst signals too. I...
  28. T

    Engineering Jobs combining programming with hardware?

    Hi, I'm a high school student in a STEM program, and as of now my primary interests have been in Computer Science, Math, and Robotics. Currently, as I research colleges, my intent is to double major in either Math and Computer Science, or in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. However...
  29. A

    Electronics prep for hardware repairs

    So I am relatively new here, and find the best way to learn is by getting my hands on the physical model. One thing I do in my spare time is repair phones. I have done minor repairs and fault finding on iPhones but never had the confidence of repairing the Logic Board. I want to ask someone...
  30. ScrollPortals

    Barrier to entry for hardware material science experiments?

    I read phys.org and science daily, daily. I read about all these amazing experiments and discoveries and I want to try my own experiments. A lot of articles are about emerging computing technologies, and often the article emphasizes how inexpensive these materials and processes are becoming. I...
  31. S

    Hardware that can produce sound waves with frequencs 0-200hz

    i'm doing an experiment to study the effect of sound waves on fire and smoke and would like to know how can i produce sound waves with frequencies varying from 0-200 hz
  32. B

    Will a UPS physically "protect" computing hardware?

    I did as much research into UPS units as I thought I needed in order to understand all of the top level jargon, but the fundamental issue of whether the appliances plugged in will be physically protected hangs over the entire industry (for domestic use). For example, a CyberPower UPS unit...
  33. M

    Engineering Hardware vs. Software in biomedical engineering?

    For someone with a bachelors in computer engineering, looking to go to grad school for biomedical engineering, which would be more useful, their knowledge of software, or their knowledge of hardware?
  34. EinsteinKreuz

    Hardware Random Generators: Transistors vs Diodes

    So which method works better for random number generation(in terms of flatter frequency spectrum): transistor breakdown or Zener noise? I want to know whether to use a Zener diode or a Transistor when building a white noise generator. And FTR I intend to use Germanium because of its higher...
  35. R

    What hardware would I need to distribute a binary signal?

    I'm designing part of a machine for my final year engineering project and I could use some help figuring out the right parts for a circuit I'm trying to create as part of it. Basically what I intend the circuit to do is is have the input to the circuit connected to the computer controlling the...
  36. R

    How should I go about learning electronics/computer hardware

    Hi, I have been interested in electronics and computer hardware for some time now. I'm will be going to school for engineering/programming; however, until then, I would like to engage in a few side projects to gain some concrete experiences within this domain. Specifically, I kind of want to get...
  37. EJC

    Best Laptop / Important Laptop Specs?

    Hello PF, I'm in the market for a new computer and due to my needs I've got it narrowed down to a laptop. My budget is about $1000, maybe a little more if need be. I'm looking for advice on what hardware specs would be most useful for the standard physics major. I run MATLAB, Maple, and a few...
  38. jorcesca

    Programs Combining Computer Hardware & Geoscience: A Path to Petroleum Engineering

    thoughts on a major in computer hardware engineering and a minor in geology maybe geophysics something that would give me the oil and gas extraction qualification to be a petroleum engineer or a computer hardware engineer?
  39. B

    Looking For Books Hardware, Computers, ElectronIcs -- Beginner

    Hello Reader, I am looking into electronics and how the physically work. I'm less interested in the programing side of them and more interested in how to build them. Eventually I would like to be able to build computers and program them but that is a long way off. Does anyone have any...
  40. T

    Engineering Electrical engineer jobs that aren't hardware based

    How do I find electrical engineering jobs that aren't hardware based? I am looking for jobs that are more software/programming/statistical based work. My undergraduate was in economics and mathematics. My masters is in electrical engineering with an emphasis in communications. When searching for...
  41. N

    Dive in to the hardware of a computer

    dear all, I am not a electronic engineer. i want to understand the basics in which a code written in C language gets converted to voltage signals inside the flipflop(transistor). basically when i write x=3+4,print x through a C language, what happens inside the hardware? I know the x=3+4 is...
  42. D

    PC Characteristics: Simulation FEM professional purpose

    Dear all, I'm an electric engineer, and I usually work with software as Ansoft Maxwell, Matlab, Ansys, COMSOL... I need a PC for serious professional simulation, and I would like if someone can give me some tips of the characteristics I should ask for this purpose. I don't want to spend more...
  43. B

    Determining Cache Size: Find Data Size

    Homework Statement Homework Equations total cache size = (2^(index bits)) * [(associativity)(tag bits + valid bits + data size)] (Correct me if this is wrong) The Attempt at a Solution I came up with 2^11 cache sets, therefore it's 8-way associative because 2^14 / 2^3 = 2^11. And 8=2^3...
  44. D

    Which IT Field Should I Choose for a Focus on Computer Hardware?

    I'm actually interested in computer hardware now. I'm not sure whether i 'm interested in software or not, because I'm not exposed to programming languages yet. I wish to study IT. I 've heard those who take up IT have good job prospects , they have higher chance to get promoted and get higher...
  45. M

    Engineering Designing Digital Systems: From Scratch or Reusing Designs?

    Hi guys I have a bachelor in Electrical Engineering and I have been working in Testing field which is not hard at all ofcourse. I have just been offered a computer hardware engineering position which will involve design development and testing...am not quite sure if I would be able to do it or...
  46. nomadreid

    Quantum gates: what is the hardware?

    In looking up "quantum gates", e.g. "Hadamard gate", all I come across is the matrix representations of the operations. But I do not see how, physically, they are achieved. (I also presume it will be different if we are talking about photons or electrons.) Could someone give me an appropriate...
  47. D

    Engineering What Major Should I Choose for a Career in Computer Hardware Engineering?

    Right now I'm applying to schools, and trying to decide what path I'm going to take. I think it would be very exciting to help develop newer, better, faster computer components. What major(s) should I be looking at? And what sort of classes are involved in that path?
  48. H

    Hardware affect Database performance

    How would the CPU, RAM and disk storage of a Database server affect the performance of the Database?
  49. DeusAbscondus

    MHB Hardware & Software question: Device for doing math by stylus

    Hi folks, I'm looking for a device with a screen smaller than a laptop, bigger than a phone, which can do the following very well! 1. allow me to enter math by stylus and have it convert to latex for export via various file extensions; 2. link with my linux OS on my main computer (so, perhaps...
  50. I

    Design the software and the hardware for servo controllers

    I search information about design the software and the hardware of controllers especially servo controllers. I have several questions about this subject and I will glad if you can write your opinion and add some relevant links. A. I want to understand these things: A.1. What is servo...