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Has anybody here ever taken apart an LCD monitor?

  1. Jul 23, 2007 #1
    I'm planning to "strip" or take apart an LCD monitor and build my own LCD projector to project a 10 foot video image on my wall, just like the one from Tom's hardware site.

    But in order to proceed, I will have to take apart my LCD monitor and take out the LCD screen. Does anyone have any experience doing this? How long should I keep my LCD unplugged to dissipate the electricty before opening up the case so I don't shock myself? Is touching the metal frame and the power supply of the LCD enough to prevent static electricty build-up or is it advisable to invest in some anti-static wrist/mat? Any other general safety related advice?
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    you've got it mostly. google lumenlabs and go to their forum. they have a list of the good lcd monitors to get so that you'll have an easy time.
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