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A stage monitor system is a set of performer-facing loudspeakers called monitor speakers, stage monitors, floor monitors, wedges, or foldbacks on stage during live music performances in which a sound reinforcement system is used to amplify a performance for the audience. The monitor system allows musicians to hear themselves and fellow band members clearly.
The sound at popular music and rock music concerts is amplified with power amplifiers through a sound reinforcement system. With the exception of the smallest venues, such as coffeehouses, most mid- to large-sized venues use two sound systems. The main or front-of-house (FOH) system amplifies the onstage sounds for the main audience. The monitor system is driven by a mix separate from the front-of-house system. This mix typically highlights the vocals and acoustic instruments so they can be heard over the electronic instruments and drums.Monitor systems have a range of sizes and complexity. A small pub or nightclub may have a single monitor speaker on stage so that the lead vocalist can hear their singing and the signal for the monitor may be produced on the same mixing console and audio engineer as the front-of-house mix. A stadium rock concert may use a large number of monitor wedges and a separate mixing board and engineer on or beside the stage for the monitors. In the most sophisticated and expensive monitor set-ups, each onstage performer can ask the sound engineer for a separate monitor mix for separate monitors. For example, the lead singer can ask to hear mostly their voice in the monitor in front of them and the guitarist can ask to hear mostly the bassist and drummer in their monitor.

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  1. F

    Monitor's magnetic field setting off handheld CO detector

    Hi, I have a small handheld CO detector (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08SQPKTGN/?tag=pfamazon01-20), and I've noticed that leaving it on my desk near my monitor will invariably trigger the alarm. There are magnets that are housed at the base of the monitor (an old mac Thunderbolt display)...
  2. NTL2009

    Please help explain this Blood Pressure Monitor 'calibration' system

    I've wanted to check the accuracy of my Blood Pressure Monitor (BPM) (an automated Omron unit), and finally found this old (2016) thread on another site (linked below). Prior to this, I only found the less helpful 'compare the reading to your Doctor's office' (BP varies with every reading, not...
  3. dRic2

    Best Secondary Monitors for Small Desks Under €150

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a secondary monitor because I'll be working for some months on project and my laptop has a 13-inch screen. I'll be doing a lot of reading and a bit of coding so I'd like something that does not strain my eyes too much. Since I'm pretty dumb when it comes to technology I...
  4. Greg Bernhardt

    Computer Raspberry Pi 4 Website Up-Time Monitor

    For a quarantine project I bought a Raspberry Pi 4 and a breadboard accessory kit. It won't arrive for another couple weeks, but I as super excited to dive in. My first project will be to create a simple LED up time monitor for PF :) Anyone have some "must read" tutorials? I'll be using python.
  5. P

    How to Output Monitor Readings in MADX for Beam Position Calibration Errors?

    I am fairly new to MADX and having a little trouble understanding how to output the monitor readings (apparent beam position) rather than the actual beam position at that point in the accelerator. I am trying to include monitor calibration errors but obviously this has no effect on the actual...
  6. C

    PM2.5 Monitor Question (particulates 2.5 microns or below)

    I got this generic china pollution monitor. When I turned it on. PM2.5 reads 49 ug/m^3 and PM10 reads 86 ug/m^3. It has vents at the back to measure the background levels. I don't know if my air levels is that high. I can't go to the mountains to test if it will read below 10 ug/m^3. Anyway...
  7. prashantakerkar

    Calculators Smartphones apps for accessing Quadcopter Drones

    Is it feasible to design and development Smartphones apps which will access,control & monitor quadcopter Drones operating at 2.4 GHz & 9.8 GHz wireless frequencies? Thanks & Regards, Prashant S Akerkar
  8. B

    Unknown Instrumentation: Antenna voltage monitor?

    I have this piece of instrumentation that I am trying to model that I am not entirely sure how it functions. I am certain that it is a voltage monitor. It's basically a voltage divider (v_out = .017*v_in) enclosed in a grounded box with two holes on either side for the connections to the...
  9. C

    Monitor restarts when I make an electric arc

    Why does my laptop's screen refresh every time I bring a metal object (any size) to my electric lighter? -Happens when I am 1 foot away from the laptop -1 foot away from the external monitor's wires (HDMI & power) 1. Video footage (MUST WATCH) NOTE: the laptop screen also flickers a bit NOTE...
  10. Paul Colby

    Voltage Monitor for an LC circuit

    Hi, I have an air wound 0.736 mH coil in series with a 3.5pF capacitor being driven with a function generator. Ideally the series resonant frequency should be around 3.13 MHz. The internal impedance of the function generator is 50 ohms or so. At resonance the voltage across the cap should be...
  11. David Dincer

    Cooling for Underwater Monitor Housing

    Hi, I have an underwater monitor housing made out of carbon fiber and an acryllic Glass on the other side. Over time the monitor heats up. I guess carbon fiber is a bad heat conductor :(. the Acryllic glass is almost 1cm thick. Does anybody have an advice on how to cool something like this...
  12. aatari

    Gravity between you and your computer monitor

    Hi Fellas could someone kindly check my solution, please. Homework Statement Calculate the force of gravity between you and your computer monitor. Estimate suitable values. (Women: 40 kg to 60 kg, men: 50 kg to 80 kg). Why have you not noticed this force? Homework Equations Fg =...
  13. C

    Home project -- spring-arm Monitor stand (solidworks)

    hello, first i would like to say, even through i enjoy working with SolidWorks, I am not an engineer. so any more technical stuff may go over my head, and everyone who would help me even through that disadvantage have my eternal gratitude. my home project was made because of whole monitor stand...
  14. N

    [Arduino] how to save serial monitor in the text file?

    Dear everyone, I trying to save serial monitor in the text file, but I still do not know how, could you please help on this problem? Here is the codes with random numbers are set up, and I would like you save all data into the text file, Thank you very much, Nate Duong, long Channel1a;long...
  15. RJLiberator

    Considering buying this computer monitor, your thoughts?

    Here is the computer monitor in question: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/hp-25-led-hd-monitor-black/7503012.p?id=1219679624841&skuId=7503012 Here are my concerns: 1. It only has 5 reviews. All 5 of them are perfect 5/5, which is nice, but it only has 5 reviews in comparision to the 100+ reviews...
  16. A

    Up and down movement of a monitor

    I want to know the various mechanisms for up and down movement of a monitor inside the slot of a table. This is used in the training or conference rooms wherein when the monitor has to go down when not in use inside the slot to the bottom of the table and come up by pushing or actuating with any...
  17. thankz

    Need a source for industrial quality water monitor probes

    industrial quality, water proof with corrosion resistant connectors. something a public aquarium would use. it doesn't matter if their capacitance, resistive or voltage sensing. maybe I should have posted this in the chemistry forum but it doesn't really mater I guess.
  18. D

    30FPS displayed on a 200Hz monitor

    Hello! I have a PAL TV, and that means it is best for footage of 25fps and 50fps The TV's refresh rate is 200Hz Well, my questions are: What happens if I play an NTSC file on the TV? (≈30fps), since it doesn't go well with 200Hz much (isn't a multiple)... I thought about how would the TV...
  19. J

    How do you use these terms differently?: monitor, display, w

    There are too many terms to describe digital screen or part of it and I am having hard time how to correctly use them. Am I correct to say they relate as follows?: Monitor (physical) | Display (*all figurative after this) = screen = view = window > pane (part of display/screen/view/window)...
  20. Z

    "Scissoring" Monitor Mount - Cantilever Tipping Point

    OK. Hopefully you guys can help me. I could do this off of just trial and error, but I would rather not have to re-cut any of my material as it is expensive. I just built a nice new desk and would rather not permanently mount a scissoring monitor mount. I have triple 24" monitors. My old setup...
  21. C

    Installing sensors to monitor current and rpm

    I would like some assistance to select the right sensor/transducer to monitor current from an inverter to the spindle motor it feeds. If it is possible to get RPM signals from the inverter please advice on how to go about it. Please suggest the most suitable sensor/s to achieve both current and...
  22. B

    Measuring CO2 Useage on Moving Objects

    I have a project that I have been thinking about and need to us CO2 for it. What ways are there to measure the amount of CO2 left in a cylinder if its mounted to a moving object? I thought about the normal scale method but with bumps it wouldn't be accurate. You can't really measure pressure...
  23. Y

    Can I use my laptop as monitor for a desktop?

    I just bought a new desktop and I need to power it up and load all the basic programs. I don't want to steal the monitor from the existing desktop because my wife is using it all the time. I don't have another monitor so I have to resort to trying to use one of my old laptop as monitor. So...
  24. snoopies622

    Where Can I Find a Detailed Ecliptic Monitor for Tracking Solar Terms?

    I'm looking for a good source for the day by day (or even smaller graduations would be nice) angle of the sun along the ecliptic. I would like to know exactly when the various "solar terms" begin and end, and their dates and times vary from year to year...
  25. L

    Text waves slightly on new monitor

    I just bought a new Acer monitor and the text, such as what I'm typing right now, is moving very slightly in a wavy motion. Actually, I just noticed it's only wavy in the middle part of the screen. I'll use lines to show which part it's wavy at...
  26. A

    Is there an intrinsically safe combustible dust monitor for wood pellets?

    I have been tasked with what seems an almost impossible feat. It sounds simple but for some reason it is not. I am looking for a device that can monitor combustible dust, in this case wood dust from pellets. It must be able to handle concentrations of 50g/m^3. The area to be monitored is a...
  27. S

    (?) on creating a see through monitor and keyboard?

    Could this be done and how hard would it be to do? I'm always hungry for see through for see through things like I have a see through usb hub and a see through prison tv that i got while yard-saling. I saw a this video on YouTube-(DIY transparent see through (Holographic) LCD screen). It...
  28. R

    Using EEG and wireless technology to monitor attentiveness in the classroom

    Now I'm sure many of you have wished that you were better able to pay attention in the classroom. Well, what if the teacher gained the ability to monitor the attentiveness of everyone in the classroom? how can this be done? simple, attach a few EEG electrodes to monitor the activity in a...
  29. rootX

    Help Karen Klein: Support Bullied Bus Monitor

    This is just crazy. I get on youtube being bullied or as a crying third world child and I can get millions of dollars? http://www.indiegogo.com/loveforkarenhklein As for the incident itself, I feel like when parents should have been informed about it personally not through youtube.
  30. A

    Battery Monitor Chips and Circuit Design

    I'm looking at custom building a Li+ battery pack, six or seven cells, and want to design a battery monitoring circuit that measures voltage of each cell and keeps track of charge/discharge. The battery pack needs to fit in a form size of about 8" by 2" by 2" so my circuit should be fairly...
  31. J

    Does the medulla monitor blood pH

    Does the medulla monitor blood pH or is it only the receptors in the heart (aorta / carotid bodies)?
  32. C

    Newbie needs help understanding a tachometer's monitor

    newbie needs help understanding a tachometer's "monitor" Ok let's start with what I have. I have a 1960s era Stewart-Warner 970 series tachometer in my 1969 Mach 1. It uses an "ignition monitor" model number 990B. The monitor has a terminal for a lead that goes to the negative...
  33. K

    How do scientists monitor the Sun's activity?

    Hello! I just want to humbly ask how do scientists and agencies like NASA, ESA, etc. monitor the activity of our Sun? For example, if Solar storms are occurring in the Sun, how do we know it from Earth? And another specific question: We know that in about 5 billion years (is this...
  34. S

    Monitor building inner defect with inverse heat transfer

    Assume that there is a original wall which does not have any defect inside. After an excitation of heat at one side of the wall, Ti is 37°C and To is 30° C. Thermal capacitance is assume 1. So the heat transfer is 7. For another condition, i want to find out if the wall has air pocket inside...
  35. F

    Hall Effect sensor to monitor home electrical apparatus

    Hi Guys, I'm currently doing my final year project which my title is to design a remote sensor to monitor home electrical apparatus by using hall effect sensor. I've build a basic circuit and amplifier to test my hall effect sensor ic ( linear) with a magnet. Everything works fine and now...
  36. T

    Video Monitor jack repair, Power and signal

    Video Monitor Jack repair I have a Fahrenheit 7” LCD Wide Color Vision monitor that has a broken jack. From the monitor is only this female connector: Then there is a cable that goes from 8 pins to 24 pins (I count 12 on each half?): Next after that cable is the box, where the...
  37. T

    Building an Electrical Circuit to Monitor Pressure

    I need to build a circuit to do the following: I am making some wine at home and need to monitor the process. During the fermentation process CO2 is produced so I need to monitor the pressure in the system and provide for a pressure release (back to 1.1 atm.) if the pressure gets too high (>...
  38. X

    Using events and listeners to monitor change in variable

    I'm using the object oriented programming features of Matlab to work with the data acquisition toolbox. Basically, I have a property of an object that is a member of the handle class. Normally, its value is 0 (obj.property=0). With a certain external input from my experimental setup it can be...
  39. fluidistic

    What could be causing vertical stripes and flashing pixels on a new LED monitor?

    I bought a LED monitor less than a month ago. Until yesterday I never had any kind of problem, all worked perfectly well. Today while I was away from keyboard but still close to the screen, I saw that the screen suddenly turned all black with large (maybe 100 pixels, I don't really know)...
  40. fluidistic

    Choosing a LED computer monitor

    Hey guys, I'm currently using as monitor a Flatron ez T730SH. It's been almost 4 years I have it and sometimes it would change the coloration of the whole screen (red to greenish, red-greenish over and over). Apart this I don't have any problems with it and I don't really care about the color...
  41. W

    Making a Mount for LCD Monitor - Up, Down, Left, Right, Far & Close

    Hi, I would like to make a mount for my LCD monitor, since there aren't any mounts here. I want the mount to go up and down, left and right, far and close. This one: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000ID7QNI/?tag=pfamazon01-20 is easy to make, since gravity has nothing to do with it. But...
  42. T

    Medical Active heart rate wrist monitor technology- Without using a chest strap

    Greetings. I've been looking for commercial products that are capable of actively sensing the user's heart pulse rate while attached to their wrist. No additional chest strap monitor, etc... included. Unlike all wrist-located heart monitors I've found online, I'm looking for one that can...
  43. J

    Does new monitor need new card?

    Hi. My monitor is failing and I'd like to upgrade to a nice-size flat screen, say 12x20 or so with good graphic quality. Will I need to buy a new graphics card for that? I believe I currently have a Radeon 9200 SE card. What about the video RAM on the card? How much would I need...
  44. mugaliens

    LG Monitor Failure: Any Solutions?

    I have an LG L246WP-BN monitor, Model Number L246WPQ. It's the second monitor in my system, my laptop monitor being primary. It's connected with a standard 15-pin connector. I tested two other monitors capable of the same or better resolution, so the laptop is not the issue. About two...
  45. M

    How to read the oil spill monitor?

    Hello all, I'm watching a live feed of the monitor that BP has set up. At the top it says "MSV SCANDI NEPTUNE" (I understand NEPTUNE is a name) and "E: 1202757.5" (fluctuates) and "D: 4985" and "Herc: 06" and "Hdg: 76.44." What does this all mean? Thanks.
  46. P

    How many LED's are in a typical LED monitor?

    How many LED's are in a typical LED monitor? For example, how many in a 20in vs. in a 24in, etc? Thanks
  47. M

    Bash script - Monitor File Writes?

    I have a small problem that I would like to solve. I have an idea, but it's kind of half-assed and I'm not sure if there's a better way. The problem: I have a CFD solution that writes out a solution file everything 5 minutes or so. I currently am writing out 32 total solution files. So, when...
  48. C

    Object is 1000 feet away, how many pixels on my monitor will it be?

    I need to determine how many pixels on my 72 dpi computer monitor an object will be taken from a camera with the following specs: 1/4" interlaced CCD 3.5mm to 91mm focal length F1.6 to F4.0 26x optical zoom angle of view: 1.7 degrees to 47 degrees resolution: 704x576 I'm not to0...
  49. R

    Polarised 3D glasses and an LCD Monitor

    Hi, I was looking through a pair of 3D movie glasses (the polarised sort) while looking at my lcd monitor. I was confused by a couple of things: - When I tilt the glasses 45 degrees from horizontal, the image in both lenses turned blue, and when i tilted the glasses 45 degrees from...
  50. N

    Laptop monitor mysteriously will not come on

    I have a thinkpad laptop. It will not come on. It was working fine with no signs that the monitor will cut off later. Its on a warranty, so I can get it fixed. But I don't want to go through the arduous process of packaging my laptop and waiting for a week until it gets fixed. What do you...