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Programs Have 2 Masters, thinking about PHD, but

  1. Feb 11, 2013 #1

    I got my undergraduate in Electrical Engineering. Then went right to work at a government sponsored research lab. I got into a part-time masters program from a good school and got two non-thesis masters: one in Electrical Engineering, the other in Computer Science. The reason for two masters is because I work in communications and both skills are needed daily.

    Currently I'm 25 and have a strong desire for a PHD because I finally have the tools (EE math, CompSci programing) to really explore a research area.

    Am I a good candidate? If not what am I missing?
    What is the process for someone in my situation to get into a PHD program?

    ANY additional info will help. Don't know many in my shoes.

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    I don't see why you wouldn't be a good candidate based on the limited information you have provided. The steps would be the same as if you were still in school: study for and take the GRE, line up letters of rec from professors who knew your work (plus one from your employer), and apply next fall.

    I don't know about your employer, but most industry employers will defray costs for a degree program. It takes longer (as I'm sure you found out while working towards your masters degrees) but you may be able to tie your thesis into a project of interest to your employer.
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