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Have some ideas looking for feedback

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    Hey guys...i've had some ideas floating around in my head for a while, but really dont have anyone to talk to about them.

    quick intro first. i'm 24, i dont have a degree in any related field, and im sure im not as intellegent as most people on here...so im a little intimidated. I've always been interested in this subject matter and finally decided to get a few answers.

    If my questions are stupid or the ideas have already been suggested and disproved, i appologise in advance. I'm basically looking for someone to say "no, its not possible because..." or "yea, i suppose it might be possible but..." so i can finally stop thinking about it lol

    Firstly...black holes. I guess im just not satisfied with the currently accepted thought. Instead of being a "hole in the fabric of space time", why not just an extremely dense star? would it be possible for a star more dense than a neutron star to exist? a "quark star" or something of that nature? would it not have the same properties as a black hole of equivalant mass? as long as the same mass exists whithin the event horizon, it would behave the same way, wouldnt it?

    Next, the big bang. yes, i agree with the principle, but instead of starting from a "quantum fluxuation", why not a single large mass ("quark star", essentially a single enormus neutron containing all the matter and energy in the universe today whithin it). that became unstable, as such a mass likely would, and had basically a nuclear reaction on a grand scale. Starting with a larger mass would account for the relatively even nature of the universe today.

    enough for now...i guess i'll wait to see if i get the noob treatment, lol.

    if this is in the wrong section...sorry.

    Greg Coulter
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    Start by giving Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time a read. I think you will find that will help with these questions.

    A black hole IS a massive "star".

    There is no evidence for the existence of a "enormous neutron" what ever that might be.
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    Indeed, you should read up on black holes. One way of forming a black hole is through the gravitational collapse of a massive star. In addition to the reference Integral provides, try checking out the Cambridge Relativity page; a page written for the layperson.

    Of course, we don't really know what caused the big bang. I don't see that a large massive particle would be the simplest idea, or that there is any evidence supporting this.
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