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Have the planck scales been proven to be true?

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    has it been proven that space and time are quantized in the planck length and planck time?
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    No. not at all.
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    my astronomy professor said that space and time are quantized.. the thing is.. i'd like to think that he wasn't talking out of his rear no offense to him at all. but i just don't see anyone else agreeing with him, which is why i'm asking

    but if they aren't proven to be true, what ARE they? are they theorized fundamental units of space and time?
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    The significance of the Planck length and Planck time is that to understand physics at these length and time scales, we will need a quantum theory of gravity.
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    There are a lot of people that agree with him, but there are not any experiments that do (or that disagree). What is his level of training?
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    what do you mean? he's a full professor.
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    I didn't know if he was just a lecturer or something. I am not an expert, but the last I heard there was only one proposed experiment to show that time is quantized and the funding was slow. I don't remember who, it was. I'll see if I can any info.
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    This question was answered in message #2. "But someone else said..." is not an acceptable counter-argument here, I'm afraid. There's no point in us arguing with a third party through the OP.
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