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Have you ever been to the Sistine chapel?

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    I'm an atheist, but I'd really like to see the Sistine chapel. If you've ever been there, what's it like? I picture it being like a religious experience without the religious part, at least it would be for me.
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    Another place that I heard is amazing to see in real life is Ayer's rock. If you've ever seen it, is it as amazing and life changing as I've heard?
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    The Sistine Chapel is beautiful in terms of art and architecture. Don't think a religious feeling even came into it for me.
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    I've been told there are pictures of naked people there.
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    I was there a few years ago. When you go to Rome, see St. Peter's in the Vatican on the last day. Before that visit at least some of the other cathedrals in the city. They were built with the idea of enhancing the feeling of size in general and height in particular. That way you will feel the magnificence of St. Peter's for it enhances that feeling all the more. There you will also find the Sistine Chapel. The ceiling is divided into panels depicting scenes from the Bible. Michaelangelo didn't want to paint it because he saw himself as a sculptor. One of the inducements to get him to do it was a free hand in deciding what to paint. The result is that the master's hand is visible throughout.
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