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Have you guys notice that supermarkets like to remove price tags?

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    Like whenever you are buying anything and you want to see the price, it isn't there. Which is weird because another item beside it has a price tag.

    Like did someone just went up there and remove the price tag and then hide it somewhere else? I am sure whoever was stocking must have notice that there are no price tags. The freaky thing is that is happens in every aisle, there is at least one item that does not have a price tag and you have to find someone and then they have to go back to inventory and then come back to tell you how much it is.

    Also, it is especially common in the frozen food aisle. I don't know why, but it is.

    Anyone else notice?
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    Inventories change and the people working there probably make minimum wage. Making sure every single item has the correct price and is labeled is probably asking too much :)
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    But you don't stock and then place no tags!
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    probably the guy at the bottom stocks, but the tags on the shelf are handled by someone like an assistant manager.
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    The less regulated employers are the more likely they are to commit crimes. (Duh!) In countries like Mexico it means cops who not only accept bribes, but expect them with every traffic ticket they hand out. In the US it means things like retail stores with under paid management who are expected to cut corners and even conveniently "forget" to input the new sales prices into the computer and change the price tags for the first day or so. Thankfully at least our cops are still well paid and regulated. Too bad congress is a bunch of two-faced lawyers allowed to take just about any amount of money from anyone.
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    Could be a similar reason to this: http://www.businessweek.com/ap/financialnews/D9M95TUO0.htm [Broken]

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    In the UK, I don't think I've seen anything in a supermarket with a "price tag" stuck on it for years.

    Some things (usually the "own brand" items) have the price printed on the packaging, but mostly there is just a barcode on the item, and the price label is on the shelf.

    Your country may be different, of course.

    I've heard that some stores now use electronic price displays on the shelves rather than printed labels, to save the cost of employing people change the prices by hand.
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    Here in the U.S., nearly all supermarkets and grocery stores require a price tag on edibles. It need not be each item, as it's sufficient to put the price on front of the bin.

    Most supermarkets have a price/unit for items, as well, and that's what I look for when comparing items of different sizes or brands. If I need mayo, for example, I'll buy whichever has the cheapest price per ounce.

    Doesn't work as well with peanut butter, though, as the cheapest per unit priced peanut butter is so stiff you'll rip your bread apart trying to spread it. So, I spread it on a cutting board then use a spatula to transfer it like a pancake to the bread.
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