What is Tags: Definition and 22 Discussions

In information systems, a tag is a keyword or term assigned to a piece of information (such as an Internet bookmark, digital image, database record, or computer file). This kind of metadata helps describe an item and allows it to be found again by browsing or searching. Tags are generally chosen informally and personally by the item's creator or by its viewer, depending on the system, although they may also be chosen from a controlled vocabulary.Tagging was popularized by websites associated with Web 2.0 and is an important feature of many Web 2.0 services. It is now also part of other database systems, desktop applications, and operating systems.

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  1. Greg Bernhardt

    Simple Regex help for matching strings inside markup tags

    Say I have a dozen of strings like this, with different content between the bold markup tags ("Re:" is also a constant). I need a regular expression that will match this. Basic and I think I am close, but just need a little help. Here is what I have, but it's not matching (?<=)Re:.*?(?=]) or...
  2. B

    LaTeX Why can't I view eqns even after using the tags in latex ?

    Summary: Unable to view equations in proper format Hi I am unable to view equations in proper format even after using latex tags shown in help. For example : \xi = x - vt is shown as typed Again \frac {\partial x} {\partial y} = is shown as typed Please help TIA
  3. O

    How RFID Tags Work: Detailed Explanation for Physics Students

    I'm afraid my Google-fu is failing me. Try as I might, I can only find very basic descriptions online of how RFID tags (specifically passive ones) work. I'd like to actually know what the microcontroller in the tag does, and how it creates a signal the reader can pick up and decode. For example...
  4. Bystander

    RIP Watched Threads: I'll Get Along Somehow

    Sniff :H:cry::H:cry: --- I'll get along somehow.
  5. Prof.gaming

    How to change the tags ( artist, genre, etc. ) of a song?

    Some of my songs are not taged correctly , so I wanted to change their tags on my pc . I remember I could've edit the tags in nokia e75 and I had managed to sort my music library more easily . So , I want to ask as if there's any way that I can change the tags of a song ?
  6. Madpoet626

    What are Tags? | New to Computers | Get Answer Here

    I'm an old fart new to this new fangled computer thing. Could someone tell me what the "Tags" at the bottom of create thread page is used for? thx
  7. PhotonSSBM

    Awesome GIFs ITT (Use Spoiler Tags)

    I'm up late despite having a final tomorrow, and the only thing I've accomplished is noticing that this one and a half decade old forum doesn't have a gif thread. The rules: 1)Forum Rules apply. Keep it PG. 2)Use spoiler tags so people don't run their data up. 3)Don't just post stuff from the...
  8. J

    Questioning Our Intuition: The Frustrations of a New Physics Student

    Hi! My name is Joseph, I'm studying mechatronics technology. I just started my first physics course, and I've realized that my whole life, intuition, and "understanding" of the things around me is a fat LIE! I know NOOOOOOTHING! This is tremendously frustrating for me, and so I have decide to...
  9. Fredrik

    LaTeX How can I fix messed up LaTeX in my old posts?

    I noticed that the LaTeX in one of my old posts is messed up. The problems start with this piece: ##C:(a,b)\to \mathbb R^4## The result should look like this: ##C:(a,b)\to \mathbb R^4## But instead it looks like this: ##C:(a,b)\to \mathbb R^4##. Actually it's even worse. The 4 is on a new...
  10. S

    Designing an ASK Demodulator for RFID Tags

    Hi, I am designing an ASK demodulator for RFID Tags. I have attached the circuit diagram. This is the ckt from IEEE paper. If you look at the ckt, the first stage is the inverter kind of thing. I didn't get why second NMOS is used for Stage I. Similarly, the second stage is also inverter...
  11. M

    RFID tags for temperature and moisture

    Hi, I have been searching and looking for RFID tags that capture moisture and temperature but i didn't find specific things. Could anybody provide some references or models names please?
  12. L

    How Can I Define Tags Within My Code Using Sow/Reap in Mathematica?

    I am trying to use Sow/Reap in Mathematica to replace Append in my code. The problem is that I need to define the tags within my code, but doing so doesn't reap the desired results. A simplified version of my code is Clear[tag]; Reap[tag = {a,b}; Sow[1, a];Sow[2,b];, tag] However, if I...
  13. C

    Can you make RFID scanner to detect any 3rd party tags despite countermeasures?

    suppose Team Red wants to make RFID tags that only their own "authorized" scanners can pick up, such as for tagging merchandise in Walmart. Meanwhile Team Blue wants to be able to find any Team Red tags on items or prove that they are not there. They don't need to extract any info from the tags...
  14. F

    Have you guys notice that supermarkets like to remove price tags?

    Like whenever you are buying anything and you want to see the price, it isn't there. Which is weird because another item beside it has a price tag. Like did someone just went up there and remove the price tag and then hide it somewhere else? I am sure whoever was stocking must have notice...
  15. J

    Writing information to Radio Frequency Identification(RFID) tags

    Good day, I have been given the task to create an inventory database for the books at the library at my school using the RFID to monitor the books. However the books have specific codes based on their type and location in the library. I was wondering if someone could give me some information as...
  16. Simfish

    Is there an easy way to convert $$ tags to [tex][/tex]?

    I know that there's probably a way to do this with regexp, but I don't know regexp (yet). So does anyone have any tips on how to create the regexp expression for it? (and what other ways are there?)
  17. D H

    LaTeX Accessibility (alt tags) for LaTeX, graphviz

    Does anyone know of any LaTeX modules that makes the pdf output generated by pdflatex ADA/Section 508 compliant? Same question regarding graphviz plug-ins?
  18. benzun_1999

    Designing a Small Location Detection System with RFID Tags

    hi, i need help... i am planing to design a small location detection system within a room using RFID tags or some resonace technique. Each object must have a unique identification code. I intend to place 4 detectors like Satellites to determine the exact position of the object... I need...
  19. E

    Exploring RF Tag Collision Emulation for Open Space Storage Systems

    Hi. We are developing a system of RF tags for open space storage place. This are mostly containers. I need to make simulation of collisions in simultaneous Tag's transmission. Let's say I need 10 Tags to send update to base stations at exactly the same time. The idea to connect tags with wires...
  20. K

    What are the best resources for learning LaTex?

    Is there any list of [tex] tags on this website?
  21. I

    Buy RFID Readers & Tags | Testing Purposes

    Does anyone know where I can purchase an RFID reader and some RFID tags please? I'm doing my thesis on this technology and I need to buy some of these. Testing purposes.
  22. B

    LaTeX LaTeX Posting Help: Wrapping Tags & Equations

    I'm sorry but I can't seem to figure out how to tag LATEX in my posts so that my equations in my posts come out in LATEX. What are the wrap tags for LaTeX on here. Is there a help section somewhere for these types of technical questions.