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Hawking to leave Cambridge in protest over budget cuts, heading to Perimeter

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    Score one for Perimeter, it would be great if Hawking Radiation is confirmed
    so he could receive a Nobel and be recognized before his health fails him.

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    Good, funding there is tight already as it is.
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    Hawking... is... coming to... Ontario?

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    This seems so cruel, you have a guy who takes 3 minutes to type a single sentence, while Hawking's grad student (Sam Blackburn) was running loose and free with his view, either in person or on a blog or website.

    Professional journalism seems to have broken down.

    If the info was posted on a blog or website, why would the "Daily Mail" run with it, without checking with Hawking or Blackburn first ?

    Rhody... :mad:
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    Because is it the Daily Mail and that is how they operate?
    Checking sources isn't exactly common practice among the journalists who work for British tabloids.
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    OK, to take it to the next level, why would other media sources pick up on it, and not try to verify ? I got multiple google alerts about this ? Do they merely quote, the Daily Mail as the source, and leave it at that ? I don't have access to the alert history at the moment to see if that was the case or not. Maybe someone who IS employed by the media can address this, anyone ?


    Side Note: within 24 hours of my posting this thread, the google spider bot picked up on it and returned it as a new find, so anyone who is not a PF member but is searching on "Perimeter Institute" sees it, and this is how information, right or wrong spreads.

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    FYI Hawking to visit Perimeter, June 20th
  10. Jun 5, 2010 #9
    How much motor control does he still have? From what I read most recently, he currently operates his speaking machine with a single cheek muscle.
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    From what I understand, none, he uses device that allows him to spell words. IMHO, he is one tough hombre, not to mention a very good physicist too.

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    I suggest he stays where he is, Wateloo ain't nothing special. :rofl:
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    He obviously controls the computer somehow. A couple of years ago I think he could flick his hands to signal it. And as I said, last I read he controls it with a single cheek muscle.
  14. Jun 5, 2010 #13
    ... One of the most influential cheek muscles in history! :smile:
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    Hawking is a better physicist than I had realized.
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    To all following this thread:
    I for one am more interested in what research he will be doing, I will venture a wild guess, possibly discuss some black hole experiment that will settle once and for all if "Hawking Radiation" is real, and if it is agrees with his and Roger Penrose's predictions. If it is proven, then a Nobel Prize may be in his future, hopefully before his ALS takes its ultimate toll. I have a soft spot for Dr Hawking, been following him since the late 70's. Opps... that dates me, doesn't it.

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    Who do you guys think would replace him?
  18. Jun 5, 2010 #17
    Professor Stephen Hawking's website states the following:

    I've personally met Professor Hawking.:smile: He is one amazing and incrediable man!
  19. Jun 6, 2010 #18
    How could you possibly replace Stephen Hawking?
  20. Jun 6, 2010 #19
    Let me get this right. The contemporary world's most renowned scientist is leaving his post in protest over the weaning of his pet interest from the public tit. Is this correct?? I'd thought only children and adolescents had this sense of (what's the word?) righteous charity flowing their way.
  21. Jun 6, 2010 #20


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    First, like I said in my post I was speculating about his talks with the physicists at PI. Second, if you read the article in post #1, Hawking sees the progress of all of Physics (not just his pet interest) in Britain come to a near standstill for lack of funds. PI was founded mostly through private funding, because of the vision and determination of Mike Lazaridis, see article, and came on-line in 2001.

    Have a look at what they are up to: research and education

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