What is budget: Definition and 70 Discussions

A budget is a financial plan for a defined period, often one year. It may also include planned sales volumes and revenues, resource quantities, costs and expenses, assets, liabilities and cash flows. Companies, governments, families, and other organizations use it to express strategic plans of activities or events in measurable terms.A budget is the sum of finances allocated for a particular purpose and the summary of intended expenditures along with proposals for how to meet them. It may include a budget surplus, providing money for use at a future time, or a deficit in which expenses exceed income.

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  1. Isopod

    How Can You Live Well on a Budget? Share Your Tips and Tricks!

    Times are tough and costs are rising! Please share your tips, recipes and advice for living well on a budget, whether its diet, lifestyle, interior design, entertainment, exercise and more. For example, can you name your top cheapest recommendations for: 1. A budget nutritious lunch or...
  2. Isopod

    Microscope Recommendations: Good value for money and takes photos?

    Hi there! I'm doing a project where I will be making 3 ecospheres (ecosphere = enclosed water ecosystem trapped in a jar) using water & substrate taken from 3 different natural sources. I'm hoping that microscopic life will flourish in these jars because my plan next is to study the lifeforms...
  3. S

    Latest news on US science budget

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if any of you here on PF have heard any news related to the US federal science budget (whether through the NSF, the DOE, etc.). I was curious to see what are some of the research areas that the Biden administration would be promoting, as I haven't heard any news or...
  4. Nick tringali

    I want to learn calculus on a budget

    Hello everyone, Last year I took pre calc and that was the highest math I was required to take for my biology degree. I’ve recently became interested in learning calculus. Does anyone have a good online course recommendation I could buy in order to learn all of calc 1? I was looking on udemy...
  5. M

    Engineering Link Budget Antenna: use of effective aperture and the gain in a problem

    Hi, I was just attempting this problem and was confused about the calculation process involved. Context: In earlier parts of the question, we calculate the gain ## G ## and effective aperture ## A ## for the parabolic antennae. My Attempt: We are given the power at the output ## x ## in Watts...
  6. bagasme

    Courses Budget (Cash-Strapped) Self Study Advice Please

    Hello all, Now I had graduated from high school, and I'd like to self-study (revisiting) high school mathematics and physics (not for exam). But recently I often saw ads for a local online course platform. Many of the platform's users have been admitted to top colleges, and get better score...
  7. M

    What computer setup for CFD simulations 1000$-2000$ budget?

    I'm running computational fluid dynamic simulations and am looking into building a desktop. But there are so many options. At this budget, what would you buy? Is it better to buy used CPUs, etc?
  8. bornofflame

    Computer Recommendations: Project inspiration w/ a budget

    Howdy all. I haven't played around with building any circuits recently and so I'm pondering small projects that can be done for around 50 $US, though I'm willing to spend as much as 100 %US on parts. I have a soldering iron and experience using it and some familiarity with components (as well as...
  9. D

    DIY Vacuum Sealer: Building for Maximum Efficiency on a Budget

    Hey all, I'm a bit of a food geek and a DIY nut and I'm looking to build my own vacuum sealer for as cheap as possible. My question to you guys, is what is the cheapest material I can use that will still withstand the pressure as well as maintain the airtight seal needed? I am looking to get a...
  10. obstinatus

    Exploring Options for Replacing a Failing PC on a Budget

    Hi all, I'm justifying asking the forum because I'm currently in an introductory computational physics course that requires Mathematica, and I hope to soon start other computational work. My https://www.amazon.com/dp/B009AEPQDI/?tag=pfamazon01-20's motherboard and hard drive are supposedly...
  11. Acornstu

    Build Your Own Aluminum Shredder on a Budget

    Working on somewhat of a budget i have the need to shred aluminum sheeting. I have a foundry with a 4 inch crucible and would very much like to shreader the plethora of stock car bodies at my disposal. I'm unsure what Guage the car bodies are but you can fold it by hand. I'll mostly be...
  12. wolram

    Best Budget Phone Cameras Under £200

    I am looking for my next phone camera, i have £200 to spend, i want one that can take a good photo, the rest can all be basic, i do not need internet on it, do you have any recommendations..
  13. S

    Innovative Aerospace Engineering Projects on a Budget

    I need ideas to make something for my 6th semester of aerospace engineering. I am stuck with thoughts which either cost me more than my college tuition or consume nearly a decade of my life to make. I am in desperate need of ideas which are cheap, creative, and still a great way of scoring with...
  14. K

    Enthelpy of condensation and the global heat budget

    I am a retired climatologist, not a physicist. I am seeking the help of physicists to resolve a matter that has always puzzled me. I shall try to list my reasoning in what appears to me to be a logical order. I will number my statements so that you may isolate my errors more easily. 1. When...
  15. Z

    Question: physics research budget

    I was wondering if anyone happened to know roughly how much does the average university physics professor spend each year on supplies for performing their experiments. I'm assuming that experimentalists would on average be spending a lot more on equipment than theory people who might only be...
  16. M

    Making a 50 um collimated beam on a budget

    Hello again, My handy optics engineer has left the country leaving me with a problem that's over my head. I need a low cost (i.e. $500.00) solution to produce a circular, collimated, 405nm beam. My beam needs to be within the target diameter (+/-20%) from 0 - 4" from the output lens and...
  17. D H

    NASA NASA planetary science budget woes

    This is from last week (I was on vacation and then I worked like a dog to make up for the vacation): Nature news article on the subject: http://www.nature.com/news/nasa-funding-shuffle-alarms-planetary-scientists-1.14304 Eric Berger on the subject...
  18. E

    Econ: Budget cuts and expensive laboratory science projections for 10s

    (I am going to attempt a 2nd, little thread before I finish my earlier thread. I want to see if I can practice using PF Rules & Guidelines and FAQ before I wrap up my thread on Autism in Medical Sciences.) In my humble opinion, the current budget crisis in the news likely augurs deep cuts -...
  19. L

    News Traveling on a Budget: Florida to San Diego

    I've never traveled long distance by myself, so I need some advice. I was thinking of doing one of those package deals where I get a flight, hotel, and car rental all at once. Is that the cheapest way to do it? I'm in Florida and I'm going to San Diego for a few days and I want to spend as...
  20. M

    Optimizing Link Budget for 1.1km Transmission with 875MHz Carrier Frequency

    Homework Statement A signal needs to be transmitted over 1.1km, with 12Hkz bandwidth on FM carrier. Carrier freq=875MHz. Allowed up to 1W carrier power transmitted and received thru omnidirectional antennas. antennas low loss, max attenuation = 0.1dB Homework Equations Received...
  21. O

    News Welfare now 21% of Federal Budget

    According to a new report out of the Senate Budget committee the 83 programs that make up the category of "welfare" spending have grown in spending by 32% since 2008 and now make up 21% of the federal budget in 2011 a larger portion then any other category on its own (defense,SS,Medicare being...
  22. C

    Why 3% for budget deficit?

    Why does the EU Stability and Growth Pact sets the specific value of 3% of GDP for maximum budget deficit. Where does the number come from? Why specifically 3% instead of 2.5% or 3.5%? Thank you regards
  23. L

    NASA Fight For Space/NASA budget

    Hello everyone not sure if this has been brought to the attention of the forum yet but there is a kickstarter project going on called Fight For Space about the neglect of the American Space Program. Go and watch the trailer and let me know what you think. I personally think it is an awesome...
  24. J

    What can i see with this? (astronomy on a budget)

    http://www.sciplus.com/singleItem.cfm/terms/16809 [Broken] I want to get this, since the price is right, and I'm a constantly-broke student- I figure this will provide more hours of entertainment/mental stimulation/social interaction/etc than the same amount of money spent at a bar/video...
  25. J

    Learning about engines on a budget

    I want to learn about engines. Besides reading up on different kinds, what's a good way to get my hands on small gasoline engines, and what kind of things should I do to get some hands on learning? thanks!
  26. T

    Airplane crash energy budget

    Thought experiment (hopefully we don't need to crash a plane to figure this out); Let's say we lift a commercial airliner up to 40,000 feet with a large balloon and then drop the airplane. It will hit the ground sometime later somewhere short of the speed of sound (600 mph or so, depending...
  27. mheslep

    News Paul's Detailed Budget Plan is released

    Hard but necessary. Even if Paul has little chance there is important relevant value in this budget plan. Going forward in the GOP primary process this should force more details out of the other candidates which is a good thing. In my opinion the other candidates should have already roughed...
  28. K

    Best budget microcontroller kits?

    For those of you who have toyed with microcontroller kits as a hobby, how would you rate the kit(s) you've used in the following categories? 1) Price - how much is the total cost of the development hardware and software? 2) Usability of an IDE for development? 3) Ease of starting - how long...
  29. T

    Low Budget Baler and High Friction Ejecting

    As part of an engineering project I'm in, we've been asked to bale hops on a very low budget (close to 1500 dollars, instead of 15000 like most balers out there). These things take a good amount of force to compact but don't stick together well, so we've figured out easily how to compress some...
  30. O

    Purchasing Test Equipment for Electronics Enthusiast on a Budget

    Back again to ask another question about test equipment. I'm very new at this so please bear with me. I'm trying to work through this https://www.amazon.com/dp/0521646456/?tag=pfamazon01-20. In order to do a lot of the exercises in the book I need access to an oscilloscope, function...
  31. T

    DIY Near Space Balloon Transmitter: 60 Mile Range on a Budget

    I am thinking about launching a near space balloon. I'm going to send up a microcontroller with a pressure sensor that outputs audible beeps according to the height data from the pressure sensor. The problem is I don't have a way to transmit this audio data back down to earth. What is the...
  32. Simfish

    Which states are facing the toughest budget cuts for higher education?

    So it seems that some states will see more massive budget cuts than others - cuts that may make admissions more competitive and that may decrease the quality of the graduate school experience. Since stimulus funds are ending, this will only make the budget cuts hurt even more. Does anyone have...
  33. R

    Schools Will the UC Schools' Physics Ph.D. Programs Be Affected by CA's Budget Crisis?

    I have been admitted to Berkeley and a couple of other UC schools for Ph.D. programs in physics, and I am concerned about how the budget crisis in California will impact these programs over the next few years. Berkeley, in particular, is still ranked very highly, but will this continue to be...
  34. S

    What research could/should be done with an unlimited budget?

    Science fiction often (really, almost always) deals with the possibilities of scientific research that is not constrained by funding requirements. I was inspired to pursue my career from reading and watching these stories, and of course learned a long time ago that this is not realistic...
  35. L

    Building a Stair Climbing Robot on a Budget

    Homework Statement Build a stair climbing robot. There are no required dimensions. Homework Equations MONEY The Attempt at a Solution I need help brainstorming on some designs of a stair climbing robot that is cheap but yet effective. I have connections with law enforcement so...
  36. Simfish

    Budget Cutoff Threats in 2011 and their Impact

    http://www.usnews.com/articles/education/paying-for-college/2010/07/12/most-public-colleges-face-budget-cut-threats-in-2011.html Okay so I'm thinking that these budget cuts might reduce the number of graduate students many of these universities can take. And as a result, they might make...
  37. D

    Number crunching machine on a small budget?

    I'm looking for as much computational power as possible for maybe 2-3 grand. This looks like a nice setup fit to the purpose, but I thought it would be good to ask and see what other people know or have been doing. (fyi I'm not really a hardware guy myself) Glad for any input!
  38. 6

    How to Manipulate Your Budget Line for Optimal Purchasing Power

    Homework Statement Your budget is such that if you spend your entire income, you can afford either 4 units of good x and 6 units of good y OR 12 units of x and 2 units of y. A) What is the ratio of the price of x to the price of y? B) If you spend all your income on x, how much x could...
  39. rhody

    Hawking to leave Cambridge in protest over budget cuts, heading to Perimeter

    Score one for Perimeter, it would be great if Hawking Radiation is confirmed so he could receive a Nobel and be recognized before his health fails him. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1254945/Stephen-Hawking-plans-leave-Britain-Government-cuts-science.html"
  40. J

    Budget PCB Router: Find One Under $1,000

    Do any of you guys have a PCB router? Do you know of one for less than $1,000?
  41. edpell

    News Balancing the Federal Budget: A Necessity

    A balanced budget seems like a good idea to me. How about to you? Currently the federal government borrows MORE than 50% of all the money it spends. I do not see why the average Chinese worker will want to work hard forever just to buy US and Japanese debt paper. In order to balance the...
  42. D H

    NASA Obama Backs New Launcher and Bigger NASA Budget

    “President Barack Obama will ask Congress next year to fund a new heavy-lift launcher to take humans to the moon, asteroids, and the moons of Mars, ScienceInsider has learned. The president chose the new direction for the U.S. human space flight program Wednesday at a White House meeting with...
  43. B

    News PA Budget - Killing the Library System

    PA Budget - Killing the Library System :( If you live in PA, what's your take of the potential killing of the state library system through massive budget cuts? If you're not in PA, have your state budgets killed your public library system or are pushing to kill it? Recent Budget updates...
  44. G

    Vacuum Distillation Setup on a Budget

    I've got a simple vacuum distillation setup but no vacuum source. I need to pull 10 Torr. I also don't want to break the bank. I'm considering using an air compressor and aspirator, but I don't know if it will be adequate. this is the...
  45. F

    News California faces a $25 billion budget shortfall

    http://www.time.com/time/nation/article/0,8599,1904936,00.html Interesting article.
  46. P

    News Our Budget is a Threat to our National Security

    The past and current administration have run up record deficits, with a large portion of this coming from foreign nations - China in particular. Our dependence on Chinese credit means that they will have a large say in dictating our policies. Nothing is forcing them to buy our bonds, and our...
  47. A

    Robotics Kit for Beginners: $1,000 Budget

    Hello all, I was wondering if any of you knew of a really good entry level robotics kit and where I could get one. My budget is probably around $1,000. I'm looking for a kit that has all the essential components, a computer interface, customizable programming etc. I don't know much...