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Health Sciences sub forum

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    What do you think of creating a sub forum dedicated to health sciences such as working out and nutrition. It would probably be better than some of those crackpot forums like bodybuilding.com
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    Thanks for the suggestions. Some of those topics could be put in Medical, Biology or General Discussion :)
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    This is true, but wouldn't it be more organized if it was condensed? Also, (granted I'm no business man) wouldn't the creation of a sub forum potentially attract more users with interests in the aforementioned topic?

    As an anecdotal example, I work out a lot, about 4x a week. Weightlifting is my second passion behind school/aerodynamics. However, I am out of shape because I frequently enjoy burgers and ice cream and cheese cake and.... It would be really nice to have some people to talk to about fitness and nutrition who are also interested in math and science. Maybe the intersection of those interests is too esoteric, who knows?
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    We can't simply create a forum for something just because the topic exists. If we do that, we will have thousands of forums.

    You need to show that there is a high frequency of posting in that particular topic, and that it is sustainable with enough number of experts in that field to ensure the high quality of posts.

    There have been many members who have proposed this-and-that topic for its own forum. Please check the responses for those suggestions because they apply here as well.

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    I know we have a lot of members who are active in fitness including me. I would welcome any fitness and nutrition threads in Medical Science forum. In fact I just added "nutrition" to the description.
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    Yay! I am glad I marginally contributed to the development of PF
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