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Heat Equation with moving source

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    Hello there,

    I want to solve the heat PDE in a 1D domain for a source moving at constant speed. The problem has been solved already, the solution being stationary in a reference frame moving with the source.

    This is highly un-intuitive, and I suppose the result originate from the fact the source is assumed to have been moving (exisiting) for an infinite amount of time.

    Instead, I am interested in a source starting to move at time zero.

    I attacked the problem as reported in the attachment, I wonder if the solution is correct.

    Many thanks as usual for your help. I apologize for not writing the equation directly here, but I have not figured out yet how to use Latex in the post, I am getting there though.
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    Looks fine.

    You can use LaTeX with the [itex] (inline) and [tex] (new line) commands (or shorter: ##equation## and $$equation$$)
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    Many thanks for looking at it and the hint.
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    Hi muzialis !

    Sorry, I have not the time to dactylography the whole solution.
    If there is no mistake, the key points are in attachment :

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    what to say, you reda my mind! Many thanks for this, hope to be able to help back some time

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