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Heat Transfer Problem in Ansys

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    Dear All,

    I am facing a problem in Ansys

    Ansys issue.

    I am solving a model (Transient Thermal Analysis (Heat Flow from Hydrothermal Vessel)) in Ansys 16.2 Workbench

    While reaching modeling stage, and upon running the simulation, program gives an below error

    An error occurred while starting the solver module. Please refer to the Troubleshooting section in the ANSYS Mechanical User Guide.
    Project>Model>Transient Thermal>Solution

    The solution of which is referred to at, and is mentioned in
    Ansys Mechanical User Guide ( Mechanical Users Guide.pdf) under the heading of

    "An Error Occurred While Starting the Solver Module" (Page 1419)

    According to which, I must access Control Panel of my computer to increase my virtual memory to run this simulation.

    Even after doing that, problem persists.

    What should I do?

    I shall be extremely grateful

    With regards,

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    How many nodes and elements in your model, and how much RAM and hard disk space does your computer have? Is it a 32-bit or 64-bit operating system?

    Also, what kind of boundary conditions are you using in the model? Have you considered making an axi-symmetric or quarter-symmetry model to reduce the hardware requirements?
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