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Heim theory - Recent development + Opinion

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    So after browsing through the internet I stumbled upon something called Heim theory.
    To me it seems like something between string theory and relativity.
    But there seems to be a significant lack of information considering the details, recent development or basis of a criticism (well apart from fact that it has no experimental backing at all, but that could be because noone did serious research).
    Also I would like to ask about your opinion on the matter because there is never too much of a feedback.
    Also please put some links regarding data you used to reach your conclusion, in your opinion posts as that would me help a lot during forming of my own stance on the matter.
    Thank you a lot for your posts and remember: More data never hurts!
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    Why the interest?
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    Vanadium 50

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    No, it's more between crackpottery and insanity.

    It is in gross violation with many different experimental results, so is not taken seriously by anyone. You can search PF for specific examples.
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